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Levi’s: Revolutionizing Denim and Social Responsibility 

By: Ava Sobel

SoHo, known to be the fashionable district of NYC, is filled with my favorite stores –  Zara, Aritzia, and Brandy Melville. However, I couldn’t help but rush to Levi’s for a pair of classic denim 501’s during a recent visit to NYC. 

As the global leader in jeans, Levi’s is one of the largest apparel companies in the world. With over 500 stores worldwide across 100 countries, Levi’s is renowned for its denim pants and jackets. While I was overwhelmed by the numerous pairs of adorable jeans in front of me, I have to admit that my attention occasionally shifted to the “Leader of Sustainability” slogan on the wall. I began to wonder, “How has Levi’s earned this ‘Leader of Sustainability’ role?”

The fashion industry is certainly to blame for the current climate crisis. However, Levi’s has developed many environmentally friendly production practices in order to minimize their environmental impact. Since 2020, Levi’s has saved almost 13 million liters of water through their water conservation efforts, as more than 20% of water used in manufacturing is recycled. By developing new LED lighting, minimizing the usage of natural gas, and updating heat production operations, Levi’s has also become incredibly energy efficient. They have also reduced their fiber impact by replacing over 83% of their cotton with more sustainable alternatives. As a global leader, Levi’s acts as a role model for other apparel companies, encouraging the fashion industry to tackle the climate crisis head first! 

Levi’s has always placed emphasis on the basic needs and rights of workers as well as the environment. However, they wanted to further perfect their business practices to become a socially responsible brand. In 2011, Levi’s developed the Worker Well-being initiative to ensure the equality, safety, health, and well-being of its workforce. The Worker Well-being Initiative is devoted to establishing a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. Levi’s encourage their employees to become a force for positive social change, seeking opportunities for their staff to get involved in developing solutions. The Levi workforce advocates and supports refugees, women’s rights and equality, and climate change reform. Every year, Levi’s holds a Community day of service for their employees to engage in community projects! 

Therefore, buying one of Levi’s fashionable pairs of denim jeans also means supporting social and environmental responsibility!