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Sobol’s Superfood

By: Ava Sobel

If you have an extremely busy schedule, it is incredibly difficult to find time to have a sit-down meal in a restaurant. Additionally, the last thing you want to do after a long, exhausting work day is cook. With nineteen locations throughout Long Island, Sobol is the absolute perfect place to grab a delicious and refreshing treat when you find yourself starved on the LIE.

When Sobol was introduced to the Half Hollow Hills community in 2019, my mom and I took a trip to Route 110 to investigate if their Acai bowls lived up to the hype. The rumors were true.  I instantly fell in love with this superfood that seemed foreign to me, cherishing every bite of what would become one of my all time favorite foods.

For those who have never indulged in an Acai bowl, the base of an acai bowl is made from Acai berries. On top of the Acai bowl, you would typically find strawberries, bananas, blueberries, honey, and coconut, with granola added to the bottom of the bowl to add that extra crunch. What separates Sobol from other Acai bowl places, though, is that Sobol creates their own unique mixture of acai, pitaya, and green bowls. Using only the freshest ingredients from neighboring farms, Sobol ensures that their products are nutritious enough to satisfy any diet. Additionally, their homemade granola is extraordinary compared to their competitors! 

In addition to their variety of delicious bowls, Sobol has a plethora of mouthwatering smoothies! My favorite smoothie is “Very Berry” – a blend of mixed berries with banana and a splash of apple juice. Similarly to Acai bowls, each customer is able to add or subtract any ingredients from their smoothie. Customers can add whey or plant protein to their smoothies, which is perfect after an intense workout! Not really looking for a sweet, citrusy smoothie? Try the “Super Green” – a mix of greens, spinach and kale, and fruits, mango and banana, packed with nutrients to leave you feeling cleansed and well-nourished. 

The next time you are in need of a meal on the go, treat yourself to a fresh Acai Bowl at one of Sobol’s locations!