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The Most Addictive Show on Netflix: Money Heist

By: Ryley Jones

Money Heist is a drama series on Netflix that was released in 2017, but has become extremely popular recently, especially during the current global pandemic. Money Heist has three seasons in which eight thieves take hostages and lock them in the Royal Mint of Spain, or La Casa de Papel. The series was originally filmed in Spanish, so some viewers do not like the fact that the mouth movements of the characters don’t always align with the words you are listening to. However, the amazing scenes throughout the show make up for that. This action-packed series continues to get more dramatic as it goes on, and the heist continues to become more intense. There are four parts to the series, but they go by extremely quickly because you are likely to get attached starting in the first few episodes! Whether you are looking for something to binge and race through the season or simply looking for a new Netflix show, Money Heist is it! Many viewers agree that one episode is never enough! By making the show have a variety of different emotions, scenes, and cliff hangers, there is no way a viewer could stop watching. While the thieves are making their plan, it sounds like very good methods, but this flawless plan turns out to be flawed throughout the episodes. While hostages are locked inside and the police begin to get involved, their amazing plan begins to crumble, and the show begins to get more intense. Throughout the show, you are made to care about each character for their own reasons which is one of the several reasons as to why it is so difficult to stop watching. These reasons being some of the many reasons as to why Money Heist is such an amazing show. If you haven’t already started it, you should now!