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Coming To A Couch Near You!

By: Jack Nevins

Why go to the movie theatre when the movie theatre can be brought to your couch? All you need to do is sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn while you watch something new on Netflix. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, however, going to the movie theatre was a great experience that people of all ages enjoyed. You could go to the movies for a night out with family or friends, and it was always a thrill to buy popcorn and candy, and sit in front of the big screen to watch the newest movie.

In March 2020, however, everything came to a halt, and Covid-19 took over the world. There was no more popcorn, no more candy, no more anticipation while waiting in line to get to your seat and no more big-screen movies. We were all told to stay home, and we couldn’t go to the movies! Luckily, we could stream movies on apps or networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.  Now, who needs the movie theatre when we have easy and accessible streaming services from the comfort of our own homes? Netflix and other streaming devices offer thousands of movies to choose from, with so many categories and genres. Even new movies were released during the shutdown and made available on these streaming apps for all to enjoy. Movies such as Borat 2, Tom Hanks’ WWII thriller, Greyhound, and Disney’s live-action Mulan were made available to fans right in their own homes. 

Streaming movies at home is better than watching a movie in a theater, and here’s why. When you’re at home, there are no interruptions by anyone or anything, and you have more control with your remote, so you can stop or start the movie whenever you want. You can also have your own food, and you don’t need to pay for popcorn, candy, or a drink, which can be expensive in theatres. Overall, there is more freedom when watching a movie at home, and every seat on the couch is a good seat because it’s never too close or too far from where you are watching the movie.

So, will we ever go back to the movie theatres? The theatres are gradually reopening, but is the experience the same? In order to reopen, theatres must follow Covid-19 guidelines. Guests must wear masks and stay six feet apart. According to the New York Post, AMC and Regal Cinemas have the following guidelines: “expect at least two empty seats between each group of cinemas, and you’ll be required to keep your mask on the whole time.” If this policy is not followed then they can’t have occupants in their theatres. Whether you choose to return to watching movies in theatres or not, the movie operators are going to do their best to keep everyone safe. However, it may be too late as we have all recognized that there may not be a need to go to a theatre when our couches and flat screen TV’s are just as good as a movie screen!

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