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Covid-19: Now on and off the screen

By: Morgan Paul and Avery Korman

When the Coronavirus made its way to the United States, it stopped all filming in Hollywood and beyond resulting in many shows getting cut short before they were able to shoot their season finales. Now, almost seven months later, shows are returning but with a twist. Many shows, especially medical shows, are incorporating the Covid-19 pandemic into their storylines.  Many shows now include masks, social distancing, and even Zoom as a regular part of their storylines. This not only brings to light what our country has been through, but it also helps ensure the safety of the crew and cast. 

Many medical shows are taking this unique opportunity to highlight the struggles during the early stages of the pandemic as well as show the hard work that frontline workers went through during this challenging time. Various medical shows are also taking on different aspects of the pandemic pertaining to where the show is set. For example, NBC’s “New Amsterdam” takes place in New York, which is where the epicenter of the virus was in the spring, while ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” will focus on the outbreak in Seattle, Washington, one of the first places impacted in this country. Many first responder shows are also taking on the task of showing the hard work and dedication of paramedics, firefighters, and EMTs. Fox’s “911” and “911 Lonestar” will follow the Covid-19 pandemic through the eyes of the paramedics, firefighters, and the 911 call station. 

The pandemic has altered numerous aspects of our lives, and this will be mimicked on various television programs in this coming season. People want to relate to what they see on television, and these updated storylines will allow people to better understand their characters and what they are currently going through.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times.