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Emily in Paris, Leah in a Dream

By: Leah Sycoff

Is anyone dreaming about getting away and venturing off into a beautiful culturally enriched city? Well, I have been! Before I expound on the wonderful Emily In Paris series, I have a little story of my own to tell. Craving a new venue (I am a remote high school learner, my brother is an online Cal Berkeley Master’s student), my brother and I cultivated a secret plan to escape the place we call home. 

Arriving home after a quick and socially distanced day trip to our grandparents, we both ran to the computer to plan a trip abroad. We would not be leaving in a few months; we would be leaving in a few weeks. Keep in mind, it was midnight. After several hours of analyzing flight and Airbnb prices, we formulated the recipe to ensure work and relaxation perfection. We planned to both take our classes and study from Southern France! France being my current dream location, I was ecstatic to book the trip. We printed all of the plans and debated whether we should book the trip before telling our parents, thinking that our research was correct, and we could visit France as long as we got a PCR test. 

Well, thankfully we did not book anything, because in the morning, after a lovely night’s sleep, we both did some extra research and found out that we could not quarantine in France because only essential travelers could go. Our vision to be students studying in France failed! France is on the rise for Coronavirus rates anyway, so it would not have been a good idea to go. My dream to go to France still prevails; I will go…eventually! 

Even though we were not planning on staying in Paris, Netflix’s new hit series, Emily in Paris, inspired me. With Emily’s glorious glam and galore, and a seemingly envious Parisian dream come true, she brought a splendid spice to my remote student life. Her fashion is magnificent, and her enthusiastic personality is even better! This romantic dramedy made for a great relaxation treat! I escaped into a reality of perfume advertising, yummy croissants, and generous friends. If you are looking for a little pick me up, I highly recommend Emily in Paris! Do not forget to pick up a pain au chocolat to enjoy as you live out your Paris dreams as I did – through Emily.  

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