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Safe Costumes for a Safe Halloween

By: Jaclyn Kalina and Jayden Neidell

This year, Halloween is taking on a new form. In order to stay safe while still having fun, it is important to make sure to wear a mask during Halloween. However, the big question is, “What cool costume can I wear while still staying safe?” Here are some potential costumes ideas with matching masks that you can wear to protect yourself and others during Halloween:

Ninja: This costume is perfect for incorporating a mask since ninjas wear masks! You can find any ninja costume, whether at Party City or even on Amazon, and it will likely come with a mask. If it doesn’t, you can find a matching red or black one. It goes perfectly and will guarantee you stay safe!

Cowboy/girl: This is also a great costume choice because you can use a bandana as a mask. Instead of wrapping it around your neck as you would typically do, you can wrap it around your mouth to stay safe and still stay in character. Find denim bottoms, a t-shirt, a cowboy hat, and a bandana mask, and you’re good to go!

Star Wars character: You can be a stormtrooper, Chewbacca, or even Darth Vader…all of these costumes require a mask! How can you do it? You can easily find the full costume of these characters that comes with a headpiece that is the head of a stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and more…which still covers your mouth and nose! And who doesn’t love Star Wars?

Ghost: This is a very simple idea, yet perfect for a safe Halloween. You can DIY – take a white sheet and cut out holes for your eyes while still covering your mouth, which can keep you and others safe while embracing the Halloween spirit. You can also find this costume at many local Halloween stores or on Amazon.

A cat: If you were thinking of being a cat this year for Halloween, you can still make it work regardless of the pandemic! Throw on a black t-shirt and bottoms, or even a onesie, and a mask with whiskers that you can find on Amazon to complete the look. You could even create it yourself and look cute while staying safe!

A doctor: What better way to incorporate a mask into your costume than being a doctor? Each and everyday while battling this pandemic, our doctors have been wearing protective masks to keep themselves safe so they can provide aid to the ill. So, if you dress up as a doctor, you can wear scrubs, a lab coat, and a disposable mask to top it all off!

A nurse: There are two different routes you can go with the nurse costume, both still keeping yourself and others safe. One option is to make it realistic and wear scrubs and a disposable mask. The other option is to keep it classic, wearing clothes that have the traditional logo of a heart with the Red Cross symbol inside. You could even find a mask that has the same colors and logo on it on Amazon or any other online site. You can go either way depending on what kind of costume you prefer, and both are perfect for Safe Halloween!

Soldier: Got any camo? If so, it’s easy to be a soldier for Halloween! Take out your camo clothes, get a camo bandana (if you don’t already have one), and you have a great costume option! Instead of tying the bandana to your leg or arm, wear it around your mouth to keep yourself and others safe this Halloween! Don’t forget your black face paint under the eyes to complete the look!

The Joker: If you’re a Batman fan, this costume is perfect for you! By doing a simple google search of “Joker costume,” you can find hundreds of different outfits, most of which include a full face mask with the Joker’s green hair and iconic smile. In this costume, you will stay safe while still looking scary for Halloween! What’s better than that?

Minion: Want to recreate the iconic Minion look for Halloween this year? I have great news for you… it’s both comical and safe! You can wear a minion headpiece that will cover your face, and you’re done! To enhance the look, you can also wear overalls or any jean clothing to resemble a Minion even more!

In addition to these ideas, you can really wear any costume and find some sort of matching mask. For example, you could be a cheetah and wear a cheetah print mask. These costumes guarantee you and those around you safety this Halloween while still looking fashionable and sometimes a little scary. The options for a safe Halloween are endless!

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