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Sleepaway Camps and Local Amusement Parks Finally Reopening This Summer

By: Ellina Koo

Have you been wondering when you’ll finally be able to ride your favorite roller coaster again? Or whether you’re going to be able to enjoy your summer time at a sleepaway camp, hanging outside, enjoying the sun, and playing with friends? Well, guess what? Amusement parks and summer camps have announced their 2021 reopening dates, so make sure to go check that out, but before you do, let me inform you of all the restrictions that are being considered to help protect everyone from Covid, as well as a sneak peek of what summer 2021 will look like. 

We are getting so close to summer camp season as school is coming to an end, and many of us are looking forward to enjoying the nice weather without being quarantined inside! As for sleepaway camps, we all know that last year the coronavirus pandemic caused all sleepaway camps to close, as many people across the world have been severely affected by it. Families had to change plans and think of activities to do at home with their children. But for the upcoming summer of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that sleepaway camps could open for full in-person activities, but with specific restrictions to prevent the spread of this contagious virus. This means that everyone attending summer camps can participate in water related activities, sports, performing and visual arts, rock climbing, talent shows, color wars, arts and crafts, and any other entertaining activities that had originally been offered. According to the CDC, “camp policies must promote physical distancing indoors and outdoors in line with the current recommendations for K-12 schools. It suggests creating cohorts, or groups of campers and staff that stay together throughout the day, and limiting exposure between them. Camps should require at least 3 feet between campers within a cohort, while 6 feet of distance is required in other situations, including during mealtimes and between campers and staff.” So, as camps expect lots of people to come back during the summer time, they will be prepared with all the materials needed to fulfill the safety requirements for all campers. Following some simple restrictions is much better than not being able to enjoy the summer at camp or staying at home after all. For overnight camps, officials recommend that everyone eligible get fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior. Anyone who isn’t vaccinated will be asked to provide proof of a negative Covid test, and all incoming campers will be checked for symptoms upon arrival and every day after. If community transmission in the area is high, the CDC recommends that camps conduct more in-depth screening and further testing. So, with this being said, it sounds like everything will run smoothly as long as all safety precautions are being taken. For more information, visit

As everything is in the process of going back to normal, amusement parks in New York have also reopened with additional precautions for all. Popular local amusement parks like Adventureland and Splish Splash are currently open and ready to welcome guests for a fun-filled summer. Make sure to get tickets in advance before they sell out as there is a limited capacity of people allowed to enter the parks. In addition, there are a few things to keep in mind before entering an amusement park. First, make sure to have your own wipes and sanitizer as CNN states, “We don’t know how frequently they’re wiping down those rides,” so bring sanitizing wipes as well, said Dr. Ada Stewart, a family physician with Cooperative Health in Columbia, South Carolina, and the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.” Second, many businesses have closed public water fountains, so you may need to bring along a water bottle as well. Last, avoid touching shared items, such as gaming equipment, especially if you are hesitant if the staff cleaned it or not. If you do play in the arcade, make sure that only your group is at the booth. One of the things 2020 has taught all of us was to expect the unexpected. So, keep in mind that these opening dates may change depending on upcoming conflicts that can occur, but just in case, I would recommend that you check the park’s website online before visiting.  

As summer is approaching, get ready to explore some new exciting adventures at sleepaway camp and your favorite amusement park! Just remember, in order to enjoy your summer, make sure to follow all of the safety precautions. Hopefully, summer 2021 will be much better than summer 2020! 

Photo courtesy of Newsday.