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Trader Joe’s Tastiest Holiday Treats

By: Ellina Koo

Are you looking for popular, festive holiday treats? Christmas is coming, and Trader Joe’s has you covered for anything you need! Whether it is buying some snacks for gift giving or even just enjoying some luscious holiday treats yourself during this season, Trader Joe’s surely has something delicious for you. For those of you who don’t know, Trader Joe’s is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drinks from around the globe. They have great quality products at great prices for everyone to relish in. They offer different kinds of holiday treats with flavors ranging from gingerbread to peppermint spice. Listed below are just a few of the most popular items and a few of my personal favorites.  

Jingle Jangle-$9.00

Jingle Jangle mixes milk chocolate covered mini pretzels with dark chocolate covered caramel popcorn, dark chocolate covered Joe Joe’s cookie bits, candy-coated milk chocolate gems, and mini peanut butter cups. There are so many different things in this snack that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth so go get them before they are gone because it’s the holiday season! You could even get a few packages and gift them to friends and family for the holiday.

Peppermint Bark Popcorn-$2.99

If you want an extra minty twist in your popcorn, this is the perfect snack for you! The first thing I noticed was the cute packaging of this amazing snack. It comes in an adorable bag filled with dark chocolate covered popcorn that is not like your typical popcorn. This popcorn has different layers and a crunchy piece on the outer layer, which is then coated in salted caramel, dark chocolate, and a thick layer of white chocolate. This unique snack has a variety of flavors inside the popcorn which really makes a difference! Knowing that this snack is only three dollars, I think it is really worth it. The peppermint bark popcorn has really good reviews on social media right now and is disappearing quicker than you know it so stop by to get some before it’s too late!

Ginger Snowball Cookies-$3.99

These Ginger Snowball Cookies are buttery cookies studded with ginger and rolled in powdered sugar. Each is a perfect size with just the right amount of ginger and would go perfect with a cup of warm tea on a chilly, wintery type of day. The texture of these cookies is on point and more crunchy than it looks. With the mix of spice and crunch, this is the perfect snack. 

Gluten-Free Peppermint Brownie Bites-$3.49

Known to be one of the best sweets with extra peppermint flavor to it, these brownie bites have a soft texture and are very chocolatey for the chocolate lovers out there. Not only are they delicious, but they are also gluten-free, so this would be a great snack for everyone to try whether you are gluten-free or not. This is an ultimate after-dinner treat!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twist Assortment-$6.99

You must get this pretzel assortment if you are a pretzel lover! This pretzel assortment comes in a pretty big size, with 12 pretzels in the box. It contains four of each flavor and is definitely worth it the reasonable price tag!

Belgain Truffle Ballotin Box-$3.00

Did you know that you can get a gift for someone that is under four dollars? The Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box has two layers of truffles, and it has dark, white, and milk chocolate varieties inside. Some even have filling with flavors ranging from chocolate to caramel to hazelnut, and more. This is definitely my top choice for a simple gift, and it is certainly a steal! Go check it out!

 Mini Peppermint Meringues-$2.00

This will absolutely be one of the most addictive snacks you ever try. It is filled with chocolate chip meringues that are crunchy, soft, sweet, and festive, most of all. These meringues are not too sugary, and I consider them a little bit more of a healthier alternative to cookies. Make sure to be careful when eating as to not finish the entire package in one sitting because you’re going to want to save some for later!

Cocoa Chile Spiced Pecans-$4.49

I would say that this is probably one of the most unique, healthy snacks I have seen from Trader Joe’s. These Cocoa Chile Spiced Pecans are candied pecans with a blend of cocoas and spices. So, for anyone that is looking for something a little sweet and spicy in their treats, this would be an ideal holiday treat for you. It is great for when you’re grabbing something quick or on the go, and most of all, they are very tasty.

I highly recommend you check out some of these unique items from Trader Joe’s. Get them as soon as you can before they are sold out because these are very popular items that are only available once a year. They will be gone faster than you think! Enjoy these delicious holiday exclusive items while sipping some hot cocoa or coffee at home. You can also check out Trader Joes’ website for recipes ( and their Instagram for more information (