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This Is Us: What Does Season 3 Have in Store For its Viewers? (Spoiler Warning)

By Blake Taylor

This is Us has become one of the most popular TV shows since it first aired in 2016. The show follows the Pearson family through their emotional lives as they face, and strive to overcome, hardships from the past, present, and future. Every episode leaves you teary-eyed and wanting to know more about the mysterious past, and equally as mysterious future, of the Pearson family. From early on in the show, we have known about the death of Jack Pearson, the father of Kevin, Kate, and Randall. The producers used Jack’s death as a pivotal moment in the main characters’ lives and have clearly shown how this event has shaped them. It also shows the growth of the love story between Jack and his wife, Rebecca. The season 2 finale had many cliffhangers and left us wondering about Kevin’s relationship with Zoe (Beth’s cousin), Toby’s depression, and the cause of Deja’s, Randall’s foster child, extreme outburst.

With the premiere of Season 3 of This is Us, viewers were hoping for answers to their many unanswered questions. As we have worked our way through the first part of Season 3, these episodes have given viewers not only entertainment but also more information about the many mysteries of the Pearson family. The season starts off showing a flashback of Jack and Rebecca’s first date, which did not go so well. However, the end of the episode shows an intense and emotional scene for young Jack, which is very rare as he is a character that is known for not showing fear or angst. Present-day Kate is having trouble becoming pregnant due to health issues, which is taking a deep emotional toll on both her and her husband, Toby. They want to explore all options of how they can have a child, prompting Toby to stop taking his antidepressants as they can lower sperm count. This choice is one that is definitely going to have repercussions in the future, some of which have already been foreshadowed. Randall wants to become councilman of the town where his birth-father lived. This neighborhood is underprivileged, and Randall wants to do everything he can to fix and strengthen the community. However, the people there don’t take too kindly to him as they view him as a wealthy outsider trying to gain power. Kevin and Zoe have a complicated relationship, and despite a few commitment issues here and there, viewers can expect to see a long-term relationship. Lastly, Kevin becomes a star actor as his film becomes a hit. The film, which takes place during the Vietnam War, leads to Kevin’s desire to learn more about his father as he realizes there are still many details he doesn’t know. In the wake of his movie, Kevin decides to travel to Vietnam in order to learn more about his father and what he went through.

Season 3 of This is Us has been very entertaining and captivating for viewers thus far. With many episodes still to come, there are many questions still left to be answered and even more stories to watch unfold. Just make sure you have your tissues handy for the rest of the season.

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