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Touring the Beautiful Beaches of Long Island

By: Alexa Foodim

One thing that Long Island is famous for is their extensive, beautiful, and fun beaches. Over the summer, my family and I go to the beach all the time and enjoy all that Long Island has to offer.  

The closest beaches to our community are the beaches on the South Shore. Robert Moses Beach is only 18 miles away from our school and is the perfect place for a quick escape. The beach has a shoreline of five miles and has an average of 3.8 million annual visitors. There is a $10 entry fee for each car, and there is a season pass available for frequent visitors. The beach has 5 fields each with bathrooms, concession stands, and lifeguards during the summer season. Field five has a playground and a ¾ mile path that leads to Kismet on the idyllic Fire Island. The trail passes the Fire Island Lighthouse where visitors can climb to the top and enjoy the views. Another popular beach on the South Shore is Jones Beach.  Jones Beach has a similar setup as Robert Moses, but it also has a stadium for fun summer concerts and a boardwalk.

Long Beach is also another popular South Shore beach. It is farther away from Melville, but the 2.2 mile boardwalk is very popular for exercising or casually strolling along the shore. The boardwalk is also just a few steps away from various restaurants and shops for visitors to enjoy. Long Beach is known for great waves for surfing and smooth sand that is perfect for beach volleyball. While the south shore is beautiful, it is an island fully surrounded by water, and Long Island residents can also enjoy the beaches on the north shore. The North Shore beaches tend owned and managed by their respective towns. A popular North Shore beach is Sunken Meadow State Park. Sunken Meadow State Park also includes a three mile boardwalk. While the South Shore beaches offer softer sand, the North Shore beaches are a bit rockier, but just as beautiful.

Whether you are enjoying a stroll on the boardwalk or taking a dip in the ocean, Long Island beaches are top notch. Instead of setting your sights on the beautiful Caribbean beaches for an escape, take a look around your hometown – some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are just a quick drive away.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Dalton