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This new partnership between Hills Review and The Thunderbird will foster complementary features and projects to provide enhanced coverage of all things Hills East.

Hills Review is produced by students in the Podcasting & Public Speaking class at High School East.  Each episode highlights school happenings, shares student perspectives, and provides a quick reminder of important upcoming events in the month ahead.  You will also find original podcast series created by members of the Film & Podcasting Club.

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Have a listen to the December 2018 Edition of Hills Review:

In this edition, we get special access to this year’s Fall Drama — 12 Angry Jurors — which is being performed in mid-December.

Next, several High School East students and Dr. Strong share their opinions on the schoolwide ID tag rule.

Finally, we stop by the recent blood drive that took place in the East Gym to talk with the organizer of the event and a few students who were donating to help those
in need.

Have a listen to the November 2018 Edition of Hills Review:

Although graduation is months away, many seniors are spending the fall trying to figure out what they’ll do after high school. In this edition, we will hear candid thoughts from students who are in the middle of the college application process. Next, we will listen in on this year’s mini-college day to hear advice from a few college recruiters.

We’ll also spend time with a former High School East student who recently joined the Marines.  He, and a few other servicemen, recently stopped by to talk to interested students. The November Community Calendar provides a list of important dates and upcoming events for the weeks ahead.

Concluding this month’s edition is a preview of a new Hills Review feature: the Film Club podcast.