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Mr. Tiziano Carcone

“I went to school for business and broadcasting. I wanted to work in the entertainment industry, so I wound up working for Viacom, MTV, VH1, and NBC. I was basically in charge of payroll and of hiring camera crews, lighting crews, talent. It was cool. Then I wanted to go for my masters, so I went back to school. When I went back to school, I managed a family Italian restaurant. I did that while still looking for television work. Then 9/11 happened. One of my friends was a fireman; I lost him that day. The night before 9/11, I fed him his favorite meal. He told me it was silly to go back to school for television, and since I love kids, I should be a teacher. Sure enough, he passed away on 9/11. That winter I wound up not doing my masters in television; instead, I went back to school to be a teacher. And here I am. I owe my career to him.”