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Are Summer Assignments Worth the Stress?

Photo by Rachel Schier

By Alyssa Schmidt

 Our generation finds kids typically living ten months for two. This means that they work so diligently all throughout the ten month school year and finally get time to relax during the two summer months. However, that relaxation slowly fades as the new epidemic of ever-increasing summer assignments begins to set in. 

 Summer vacation is a chance to get away from the stress and work of school that students, like myself, deal with during the fall, winter, and spring. Having to do school work and complete assignments during that break completely defeats the purpose of having the break at all. Don’t get me wrong; I do understand why there are summer assignments. It is definitely difficult for teachers to reteach old information in the beginning of the school year when there is a plethora of new material to learn, especially in the AP classes. That being said, they are adding to the already high stress levels of students at a time when these levels should be decreasing. If teenagers are not simply resting or relaxing, they often have other jobs during the summer months that are time consuming and could also result in different stresses. School stress should not intertwine with this. 

Nobody is looking for absolutely no work over the summer, as that is an unrealistic request. We are merely requesting shorter, easier, more to-the-point assignments; this would be a more ideal option that would definitely relieve some of the stress put on high schoolers in what should be the carefree months of summer vacation. 


Photo by Rachel Schier