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COVID-19 Forces Early Holiday Shopping

By: Lindsay Gordon 

As November is upon us and December quickly approaching, the holiday season is becoming a hot topic of discussion for many people. This would usually be a nice time to start organizing plans for a family-oriented (yet Covid safe) Thanksgiving. However, many American families seem to be brushing past the holiday of thanks and forgiveness and going straight to the mainstream December holiday season. COVID-19 has forced people to shop for the December holidays earlier than ever before. Malls are quickly becoming more crowded all over the country, as more and more people flock to the stores to shop for the most outstanding gifts for their loved ones. 

Although the proper holiday shopping etiquette is to wait until Black Friday to get the best deals, this year, people have already begun shopping. Stores and websites, like Target, Amazon, and Walmart, are holding deal days where you can get exceptionally low prices on what can be an amazing gift. In addition to these deal days, retailers are taking advantage of commercials and public announcements to push people into starting their holiday shopping early this season. This is because it will help retailers avoid a holiday shopping nightmare, which usually includes people buying out an entire store within a day, and it will help ensure stores have enough inventory to keep their shelves stocked throughout the season, for both early and late shoppers. However, not only will the early holiday shopping benefit retailers and stores, but it will also benefit you and your families! Because many stores in the country have a limit to the number of people allowed in the store at a time due to COVID-19, everyone trying to shop at once would result in long lines and sometimes spending hours outside in the cold waiting. However, due to people shopping at earlier times this year, Black Friday and the days and weeks leading up to the December holidays are expected to be less chaotic and crowded, keeping you safer from COVID-19 than you would be if people were all shopping at once.

Although you may be a late holiday shopper or someone who frequently buys gifts the night before your Secret Santa, COVID-19 may completely change that for you this year. Shopping early will not only provide you with a smaller chance of getting coronavirus than it would be shopping at a regular time in the season with large crowds, but it will also provide you with amazing presents for you and your family to enjoy! As long as you are doing it safely and efficiently, shopping early this holiday season is something I would highly recommend!

Photo courtesy of Getty images/istock photo.