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Dining out While Staying in During Covid19

By: Rebecca Shimony

These are the craziest of times we are living in. There is no doubt about it. Thankfully, (most) of our favorite restaurants, both local and a little far-away, are making it possible to enjoy their fine cuisine and eat their best dishes from home! Some of these restaurants are offering family packages, while others are using their regular menu or an abbreviated version of it. No matter how they’re keeping us full while we stay inside, dining “out” has never been more convenient! Here is a collection of some of the best “good eats” during COVID-19. 

Starting with the restaurants offering family packages, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Cirella’s on Route 110, and Pete the Greek in Plainview definitely have the best! The family plan at Anthony’s provides your family with a large pizza and 10 wings. Despite not being included in the family plan, ordering twenty more wings, a salad, and the large meatballs make the meal much more worthwhile. The more food, the merrier! Also, if your family does not finish all of that food in one night, you can save the extras for leftovers and eat some more. Cirella’s is another delicious choice for a family package deal. The family of four plan includes a salad and a dish of your choice for each family member. For only 20 dollars more (plus free delivery), the family of five plan offers both a salad and a dish of your choice in addition to a pasta dish of your choice. Either way, this is a good deal, and you will surely have leftovers. Whichever plan you take, you will not regret ordering from here. Although not a family plan developed specifically for COVID-19, Pete the Greek has one of the best family meals hands down. The Greek restaurant offers a salad with meat, one side, and two dipping sauces, all of your choice, as well as pita bread. Pete the Greek never disappoints! Each of the previously mentioned restaurants offer both curbside pickup and delivery. However, not all of the restaurants offer delivery to certain locations, so before you order, be sure to check whether or not you are in the delivering distance. If not, take a ride and pick it up. It will be worth the drive! 

If you’re looking for something healthy, Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers breakfast and lunch, as well as many different types of smoothies. It’s open from 8:00 AM- 7:15 PM serving flatbreads, bowls, sandwiches, and quesadillas. Another healthy option is Organic Krush; they are great for salads and juices, and they have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. If you order from this organic eatery, Doordash will give you a free delivery for your first order of $15 or more! 

And let’s not forget the most important meal of the day: Breakfast! Places like 110 Bagel Market & Bistro have many different varieties of breakfast foods, such as muffins, omelettes, and paninis. They’re open from 6:00 AM- 2:30 PM, so make sure to call early to be the first for a delicious breakfast. The Dix Hills Diner also offers delivery and curbside pickup in order to ensure safety throughout the community while enjoying your food. Open for more than 7 hours, the staff works hard to provide delicious meals like pancakes, burgers, and any egg or signature sandwich, and you can get breakfast food at any time of the day. Want to get free delivery? This local diner is offering free delivery on your first order! 

If you’re interested in trying some delicious take out, check out one of these local favorites! Each of these restaurants have been extremely accommodating during COVID-19 and have done a lot to continue serving our community. 

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza | Cirella’s | Pete the Greek | Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Organic Krush | 110 Bagel and Market Bistro | Dix Hills Diner