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FALLing Into Fall Fashion

By Sloane Levine:

While we are all trying to enjoy the last few days of nice weather, wearing shorts, tank tops, and hopefully bathing suits, the retail stores and online websites are busy stocking their shelves with the newest fall fashions. Although many of the new fashion trends include layers, bold accessories, and lots of color, the first fall trend to keep current is flannels. Flannels can be transformed into cute, while also being comfy, articles of clothing or even tied around your waist as a cute accessory. Celebrities have already been embracing what is to come in the winter season with their adorable oversized puffy jackets. For those of you who are always cold, you can rock your oversized puffer early this year! Recently, chains have become a very popular add on to clothing attached to shirts and jeans, or even as accessories, such as chain belts or chain straps on bags. Even though this add on may add a little weight to your outfit, isn’t looking cute and trendy more important? As bike shorts are making a reappearance this year as part of the newest fashion trends, it may help decrease the number of students who are ‘dress coded’ for the length of their shorts while it is still hot out. This Kardashian-Jenner approved trend is making a prominent return this year, so be prepared to see bike shorts on and off the trail. Not only do animals make gorgeous creatures, their patterns make outstanding prints for clothing or even shoes. Staying on the topic of color and patterns, the hippie 60’s tie dye trend and striking 80’s neon colors are back in style. Keeping in style is important from your head down to your toes, and what covers your feet can help amp up your style. If you dress on the plainer side or if you don’t and you like to be a fashion queen, throwing on some embellished sneakers, maybe even with a platform, can seriously pull your whole outfit together. Boys, you are the lucky ones; follow the comfortable and casual rule, but sometimes a little bit of denim and trendy jackets will do the job. As you finally transition your closet to cold-weather-wear, make sure you leave room for these 2019-2020 trends.

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