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The Fitness Guru’s Tips and Tricks

By James Haddad

The Fitness Guru is back and ready to talk to you all about why it is important to exercise each and every part of your body as opposed to working on just one muscle group. Most people like the look of strong abdominal muscles, and as a result, strictly focus on working out their abs in hopes of attaining a perfect six-pack. This is not only less effective than people think, but it could also be detrimental to your health. Nearly every single muscle in your body has an opposing muscle that does the opposite of it. This “opposite” muscle is called a complementary muscle. One example of this is the bicep and tricep; as the biceps pull, the triceps push. Another example would be the abdominals and the lower and mid back. If one simply trains their abdominal muscles while not bothering to pay any attention to its complement, it can lead to multiple posture problems. The same thing can happen if you only train your back and not your abdominals. Having a balanced workout plan to build muscle is a necessity as it is much more effective than focusing on one body part. Another misconception of working on one specific muscle group is that you will see the results you want by just working out. The truth is that until you cut out the fat around the muscles, the results will not show. This is why it is healthier to work on muscles that aren’t relevant to your goal, like your legs. Leg muscles are some of the biggest in the human body. When exercising your legs, your metabolism works extremely hard helping you to burn more calories, and cut out extra fat. If you’re looking to get in better shape and find those muscles that you know are hidden somewhere, try following this advice!  

Photo Courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine