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Great Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Reflect Your Style

By: Della Lin

Time really passes by quickly these days! It is already March, and summer is just around the corner. Before you know it, September will have arrived, and the new school year will have begun. For most of you seniors, this 2020-2021 school year means only one thing: college! Aside from all the stress of moving to a new environment and the workload of your classes, at least there will be something to look forward to. That is…decorating your dorm room! This is your chance to personalize your living space and make it reflect your style and personality. Whether you are super excited or if you honestly do not know what you want to do with your room, I have a few ideas to help you out. So, here are some creative ways to stylize your dorm room. 

For those of you who often feel homesick, a great way to decorate would be to hang photos on your wall. This way, no matter how far away you are from home, you can always keep all of your high school memories and beloved family with you. Also, a very simple thing to do is to get bluetooth speakers. They will make your dorm room ready to set any mood, from pumped up party vibes to the chill vibes of study sessions. When you first move in, you might notice that your dorm room feels very bland. An easy fix solution is to use peel & stick wallpaper. Since you probably will not be able to paint your walls, you can just cover them in temporary wallpaper that speaks to your style. This is a fantastic way to spice up any boring room. However, if you are not in favor of the wallpaper option, you can simply just put up some posters. Whether they are posters of your favorite movie, singer, band, videogame, etc., they can really make your dorm room more “you.”

Additionally, an important thing to have is cozy bedding. You are going to need a place to relax and feel at home, so having the perfect bedding should do the trick. Another easy way to decorate your room would be to place some potted plants around your room to add a little bit of nature. Dorm rooms can often feel unbearably sterile, so a few plants would bring in some much-needed life. However, if you think that potted plants require too much care, you can simply just have some succulents, which require minimal attention. Also, having scented candles in your dorm room can make it feel more comfy. On a weekend, when you can finally relax and wind down, scented candles can calm you down and relieve your stress. 

As you can see, decorating your dorm room is not a really hard task, and it is actually very easy to stylize it to fit your taste. Good luck to all of the seniors making college choices and deciding how to personalize your dorm rooms!

Photo courtesy of Google images.