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Gregorys Coffee Opens in Melville

By: Madison Schioppo and Brianna Kalina

On April 23rd, Melville’s coffee obsession was taken to the next level with the grand opening of Gregorys Coffee. Flocks of people rushed to the new location on Walt Whitman road as it was an exciting change from the typical Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Gregorys is a specialty coffee brand based in Manhattan with three locations across New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. This family-run business incorporates lifestyle and wellness into a holistic approach to food and experience. In addition to luxury drinks, there is a large selection of freshly baked goods that tailor to all dietary needs and preferences. Gregorys Coffee is the new hit in town, and people keep rushing back to try all that they have to offer. 

With the Gregorys Coffee app, you can pay in store, order ahead, find locations, and more! It is easy to navigate the app and efficient for someone on the go who wants to save time by ordering ahead. The app saves your favorite location and frequent orders for seamless ordering, and it takes about 4-6 minutes for your order to be ready. The menu has a large selection of coffees, drinks, and food items that appeal to anyone. You can scan your unique QR code to pay in-store and redeem rewards. In fact, you recieve your first drink free when you download the app! You can also get access to special promotions and gain special perks through the Regular Tiers. Customers who use the app can enjoy the perks of saving and spending G’s (the Gregular currency). What is particularly easy about Gregorys is that you can leave your wallet and pay through the app with a linked credit or debit card.

It’s quite impossible to not find something that suits you on the menu. Gregorys caters to all dietary needs and offers various types of creamers. Out of the iced drinks, the staff at Gregorys rave about the Nu Brew, which is a handcrafted nutella cold brew with milk that has a rich taste like no other. Customers can customize any of the iced drinks with syrups, extra espresso shots, sweeteners, and whipped cream. The hot drinks are a must try as well, and they are just as customizable. While it may seem like everything on the menu is coffee, that is completely false! Gregorys offers various drinks such as matcha, iced teas, smoothies, and chai. They also sell various coffee blends that customers can purchase to make fresh at home.

From new and interesting health-conscious items to familiar, comforting foods, Gregorys does it all. While Gregory’s specializes in coffee, its ability to produce incredible baked goods, light bites, and healthy options truly set them apart. Be sure to head to Gregory’s to join in on the current community craze!

Photo courtesy of Long Island Business News.