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Munday’s: Not Too Bad After All

By Rachel Rosenstein

Munday’s in Huntington is anything but mundane! I recently researched where to go for a “great brunch near me,” and Munday’s came up on the top of the list – I now know why. It is by far the best breakfast place on Main Street, and it’s very affordable. For less than $20, you get more food than any human being could possibly consume alone! I had to wait about ten minutes for a table, but it was well worth it. It’s a perfect place to chat and dine as a family or with a few friends. The restaurant is one of those cool “back in the day” luncheonettes, only better. You are seated at charming wooden booths with vintage ceiling fans overhead. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable – perfect for a Sunday morning after sleeping in. Aside from the attentive staff (a few of whom have worked there for 30 years) and remarkable service, the whole feel is extremely charming! This time of the year is the best time to go; I hear they go all out decorating for all holidays, but they really pull out all the stops for Halloween. It is festive and fun for the month of October, and after you try the food, the experience only gets better from there!

All of Munday’s food is exceptionally fresh, and the restaurant is always immaculate, which I definitely can’t always say that about diners. Sure, their dinner options include yummy comfort food, but in my opinion where Munday’s really shines is in their Sunday brunch menu. There is a wide range of unique offerings. In fact, there were so many inviting options, I had to ask the very friendly waitress to give me a little extra time to really study the menu. I started to look around at other tables for culinary inspiration. The lady at the table next to me had a gigantic plate filled with banana and Nutella pancakes. You certainly can’t go wrong with that! Two tables over, I spotted a couple sharing the challah french toast with fresh strawberries and a caramel sauce. There was so much food on their plate I couldn’t fathom how two people could ever finish it. There is a croissant french toast option as well that I heard someone telling a friend to get because it’s “outstanding”! If you’re feeling festive, order the pumpkin pancakes – I’ve heard they are phenomenal. Of course, Munday’s also offers large omelets prepared exactly how you request them. However, if you are going for the eggs, let me tell you that the breakfast burrito was a whole different story; out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a waitress delivering one to a nearby table. It looked like an edible pillow. I could smell the scrumptious flavors as she passed by. There was no way I wasn’t ordering fluffy eggs, cheese, chorizo sausage, salsa, and sour cream all neatly wrapped up in a warm, soft tortilla. WOW! Regardless of whether or not you take my advice on what order, you must try their sweet potato fries. They are to die for.  

There are a multitude of Gluten free options on the menu as well, so don’t shy away if that is a concern. I personally am not a coffee person so the next dilemma was navigating the old-time ice cream soda fountain options. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with ice cream for breakfast. Weren’t we always taught that calcium builds strong bones? I went with the black and white milkshake in an old fashioned soda glass, and it was all I could’ve ever wanted. The Sundaes at Munday’s are not looked upon as a day old, but instead make people happy and crave more.

I highly doubt you will have room for dessert, but there is a full dessert menu consisting of homemade dishes. I suggest taking one to go. Munday’s is located at 259 Main Street in Huntington. They’re open 8:00am – 8:00pm. They don’t take reservations, but even if you have to wait a little while, I’m sure it will be worth your time.  

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