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One10 Hits 110

By: Sloane Levine

A spacious and innovative new restaurant opened earlier this year and has been an exceptional addition to our local dining options. The modern Italian cuisine, coupled with grand, club-like decor, has led to packed weekends and weekday nights, making it challenging to reserve a table any day of the week. The restaurant is owned by the Scotto Brothers, who have successfully added to their already well-established restaurants, including Blackstone, Insignia, and One North, with this newest spot. Located on Route 110 in Melville at the site of the old Wonder Bread thrift store, One10 is convenient to both residential areas and the local corporate business district. The area always seems to be lacking in upscale dining choices, and many people were thrilled to have another attractive option. 

Upon entering this establishment, you get the feeling that you are in a club or hotel setting, rather than a typical, local restaurant. There is a large lounge area with two bars and an open kitchen. One of the bars has an innovative twist. It is called the “M” bar, which stands for Mozzarella Bar, serving cheeses such as mozzarella and burrata, with several accompaniments, including roasted peppers, grilled artichokes, and dried meat platters. 

Once seated, with a menu in hand, it is clear to see extensive choices that highlight traditional Italian fare with a twist, as well as something for every taste or interest. Some of the suggested favorites, as shared by the attentive staff, include the meatballs, the chicken parmigiana pizza, and the zucchini rollatini. For some more interesting selections, they offer braised octopus, as well as some healthier chopped and signature salad options. For those who enjoy salads or are more health conscious, there are also entree salads ranging from a harvest grain based salad to selections with various proteins to round out the meal. The additional entree choices are vast, from simple pasta dishes to a seafood based black spaghetti, with many other fish and meat selections. Meat lovers can have anything from a burger to a 45 day, dry-aged steak to oversized chops. The entree prices range anywhere from $20-$30 for most options to $50-$60 for the steaks. 

Once you’ve enjoyed a delicious dinner dish, you should be sure to save room for a sweet dessert to complete the experience.  While the names may seem traditional, the presentations certainly are not. Whether you select the classic cannoli, the tiramisu, or the chocolate cake, you will be pleasantly surprised by your treat. The One10 chocolate cake has a caramel center and chocolate crunch, topped with creamy vanilla gelato, for even the pickiest sweet tooth. Be sure not to miss this one to top off an exceptional dining experience! 

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