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Seven Stylish Statements To Make this Season

By: Jesse Boxenhorn

2020 has definitely been a rough year, but there is always time to revamp your look. Shopping at stores has been a struggle for most, making online shopping a necessity. With the holidays upon us, I’m here to tell you about the latest trends in fashion. Grab your credit card because you’re really going to need it after you read this!

  1. Since 2020 has been all about comfort as we work and learn from home, sweatshirts and sweatpants sets have been very popular. You can dress them up or down by adding a fancy blazer or a cute beanie. My favorite place to get cute comfy sets are ZARA, Revolve, and Mixology Clothing Company. 
  2. Speaking of blazers, oversized vintage jackets and blazers are in style right now. No matter the occasion, business casual is always appropriate. Style your favorite black turtle neck or vintage band tee with a cute oversized blazer for a more mature style.
  3. Wow! I have seen collared shirts everywhere nowadays. White-collared shirts have appeared under almost anything in fashion lately. Check out for the cutest undergarment collar that can be paired with anything from sweaters to dresses. 
  4. Straight down blue jeans have also been a hit lately. Light washes specifically have been appearing on the streets of NYC, Chicago, and more. Great places to get affordable denim are ZARA and Brandy Melville. 
  5. Despite the drop in temperatures, the sun is still shining bright, making sunglasses a must-have. Chunky black rectangular sunglasses have been in style giving off vintage vibes. While the Gucci sunglasses are definitely show-stopping, there’s no need to spend that kind of money. Instead, head over to Amazon. They have many similar shaped sunglasses without the brand name and price tag.
  6. Many of you may have seen the tiny little shoulder bags that have been in style lately. While you may not think you can fit much in them, you would be surprised. Instead of the typical crossbody bag, fashion bloggers have been opting for the tiny black shoulder bag. You can buy cheap pleather ones on Amazon or at ZARA.
  7. Recently, chunky gold jewelry has been shining bright in fashion magazines. Gold chunky hoops, rings, bracelets, and chains have been styled together to make a unique look. Gold jewelry can be expensive, so you can even make your own! At Michaels, there are plenty of gold chains and shapes, so you can make your own chunky jewelry.

Photos courtesy of Jesse Boxenhorn.