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How to Stay Productive While Being Quarantined in Your House

By: Della Lin

The coronavirus, or Covid19, has drastically impacted our lives. The economy has basically been shut down, and hospitals are overwhelmed. The majority of states have issued a stay-at-home order, so schooling is now online, and people are now working from home. While being stuck in your house, you may start to feel very bored and unproductive. You may find it hard to resist the urge to binge-watch a show on Netflix, and the days can feel like they are just passing by. However, with a few tips, you will be able to turn your day from feeling empty to feeling full. Here are some beneficial tips on how to stay productive while you are quarantined in your house. 

The most crucial thing to do is to create your own routine. This means setting designated time slots for when you are going to work, when you are going to relax, etc. This will help provide a structure for your day, so everything will not be a blur. My next tip may not be your favorite, but it is honestly very helpful. My tip is to workout in the morning. This can seem very annoying at first, but once you finish, it will feel like you just conquered something since you accomplished the thing that the majority of people do not want to do. This will be an amazing feeling to have, and it will help start your day in a positive direction. Another piece of advice is to get ready for the day as if it were a normal day. This can range from doing your hair and make-up to just simply changing out of your pajamas. You will feel prepared for the day ahead, and you will feel good about yourself. Another great way to take care of yourself is to drink water! Staying hydrated will keep your mind fresh. A little hack is to put your phone underneath your water bottle. Every time you get a notification and want to check your phone, you will automatically be reminded to drink water.

In addition to getting yourself dressed and ready, you can keep your environment ready for the day too! One very easy way to do this is to make your bed. Making your bed will make your life seem more organized. Another very important thing to have is a designated work space. If you designate a space, you will be less likely have distractions and will be able to focus better. Therefore, you can be more productive and get your work done faster. One of my favorite tips to give in all situations is to make a to-do list. By making a list of things you want to get done, you will be aware of what you need to accomplish that day, and you will be more organized. However, make sure you do not overwhelm yourself by putting every possible thing you need to do. This can actually make you the opposite of productive, and you have time to spread out your things to do over several days. While working, you also want to make sure that you take breaks. These breaks can range from five to thirty minutes. This will make sure that you are not overworking yourself, and you will actually increase your memory and focus. 

Especially when you are stuck in your house, it can be very hard to resist staying up all night and binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. However, I do not recommend this at all. Not getting enough sleep can make you very cranky and irritable, which would make you less productive throughout the day. Go to bed early, so you can wake up with a great mentality. Another tip I have is to work hard during the day, so you can have free time to do whatever you want in the afternoon and evening. Do not procrastinate. Concentrate and get work done sooner, so you can do something you love or just binge-watch TV shows or movies in your free time. My last piece of advice is to stick to a weekly schedule, not just a daily schedule. This way, the days will not pass in a blur, and you will feel more efficient and structured. Even though COVID-19 has quarantined all of us in our houses, there are still many ways to stay on the track to success!

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