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Sweet, Savory, & Spicy at the Smorgasburg Food Festival

For the past five years, the Smorgasburg Food Festival has treated thousands of people from all over the country to delicious and unique food. Smorgasburg is an accurate representation of the diversity and culture in Brooklyn and New York City. Each year, 20,000-30,000 people make their way to Brooklyn to enjoy all the food Smorgasburg has to offer. Smorgasburg has reopened for the Spring and has once again been receiving a lot of attention. There are two different locations of Smorgasburg; on Saturdays, you can head over to Williamsburg, and on Sundays, there’s a location in Prospect Park.  

In essence, Smorgasburg consists of about 100 food vendors dispersed throughout one area. The Saturday location overlooks the Williamsburg waterfront, allowing visitors to not only stuff their faces, but to also enjoy a view! The whole idea of Smorgasburg is for people to get a taste of everything. Since the vendors are all located so close to one another, it is very easy for people to get around from food stand to food stand. Smorgasburg was originally a spin off from the Brooklyn Flea, which was a similar concept but has grown exponentially. Visitors have the option of sitting down and eating their food at a table or walking around and eating as they go.

Be sure to bring a large appetite when visiting Smorgasburg, because from personal experience, Smorgasburg definitely has a lot to offer, and you will want to taste test from as many vendors as you can handle. The fan favorite at Smorgasburg is the Ramen Burger created by Keizo Shimamoto.  Although the line for this special burger is a bit lengthy, the wait is most definitely worth it. You will not only see tons of people with a ramen burger in their hands at the actual market, you will see even more of it on social media. On the other hand, everyone knows that you can’t eat a burger without fries, so the famous home frites at Smorgasburg is another must!  These hand cut fries come with a variety of homemade gourmet sauces to spice things up.  If our opinions leave any impact on you, it should definitely be that the Home Frites are a home run.

Furthermore, you can not miss out on the large array of desserts Smorgasburg has in store for you.  Wowfulls is one of the most liked vendors at Smorgasburg.  This delicious pastry contains ice cream and your own choice of toppings inside a warm, fresh waffle.  The look of the dessert is almost as intriguing as the taste!  Other popular food stands that are a must have while you are here include Bon Chovie, Goa Taco, The Good Batch, Whimsey & Spice, and Gooey & Co.  

Going to Smorgasburg with an open mind is the most important advice we can give due to the large selection of culture-derived food.  Living so close to Brooklyn, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this fun and delicious experience.  If you don’t get a chance to visit Smorgasburg during the warmer seasons, there is an indoor winter location indoors.  Hopefully you get a chance to enjoy all that Smorgasburg has to offer; you most certainly won’t regret it!

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