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The Taste of Thai USA

By: Leah Sycoff

My family and I had been stuck inside our house since the beginning of quarantine, and although warm and cozy, we felt it was time to leave our little bubble of safety and attempt to eat dinner out. After much deliberation and many discussions about everyone’s comfort levels, my family decided we would only go forward with our plan if we could eat outdoors, and so the plan was set forth. We found the perfect place in the town of Huntington, Thai USA! It is located right on the perimeter of town where families have much room to socially distance. My family and I were seated adjacent to an adorable pot of plants at the front of the restaurant. The menu was abundant with choices of wonderful sounding dishes which led me to order maybe a little too much food!

I ordered Tom Kha Gai soup to start, and it was delectable! Its coconut milk broth was so smooth and had an incredible hint of lemongrass as well as cilantro. To add to this flavorful soup, there were perfect pieces of chicken that were cooked to have a marvelous texture! In addition to this appetizer, my family and I also shared the Mee Krob, a dish that is always a favorite of mine. Thai USA created this dish incredibly well. They sprinkled crunchy red onion slivers atop the crunchy rice noodles and tamarind sauce adding an amazing spin on this both tangy and sweet dish!

Even though my tongue had already been stricken by a large number of delicious flavors, I was definitely not done. I decided to split two entrees with my brother. We ordered the Yum Moo and the Gang Keaw Wan Nuea. Both dishes were exquisite! The Yum Moo was made up of wonderfully cooked slices of pork combined with the unique flavors of ginger and orange. This beautiful amalgamation of flavors was topped with a cashew lime sauce. My brother and I both easily agreed that we loved these flavors and wanted to try to recreate this masterpiece at home in our kitchen. After having half of Yum Moo, I moved on to my second entree, Gang Keaw Wan Nuea. Wow, this dish was a delightful package of flavors! I could taste the happiness! Basil, coconut, and curry along with bamboo shoots laid across the beef and eggplant composing a superb fusion of foods to make an eclectic dish. The mingling of these tastes blended into a wonderful palette. 

Overall, I would 100% come back to this restaurant time and time again!! Thank you for these tasty dishes, Thai USA!

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