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September 19, 2019

A Thunderbird can be defined as a unique creature that embodies strength, courage, and power. Here on the Eastside, our school newspaper allows students to share their voices, or in other words, to embrace their inner Thunderbird.

Welcome to the online edition of Hills East’s award-winning paper. Our platform serves to provide readers with breaking news and captivating stories about our school, our community, and our world. We cover just about every topic, from business and stem, to lifestyle and entertainment: you name it, we write it! Our staff utilizes WordPress to bring articles to life and create interactive experiences for the student body and beyond.

Two of our newest sections are ‘Humans of Hills East’, in which the stories of students and faculty are highlighted, and ‘Business’, in which the impact of global and local businesses on our economy is explored. This year, we will be adding a section called “Club Connect” where High School East clubs can provide updates for the community.  We encourage readers to share suggestions, as our staff is always looking to diversify our content and maximize the Thunderbird experience.

Our team recognizes that none of this would be possible without our spectacular advisors Mrs. Dalton and Mrs. Davis. They allow our newspaper to thrive through their ability to develop young writers and serve as role models for our team.  Additionally, we’d like to thank Dr. Strong and our assistant principals for supporting our mission of taking Hills East news to the top.

I am beyond excited to be your Editor-in-Chief for the upcoming school year. I can’t wait for the incredible content that our dedicated and accomplished staff has been working on to knock everyone off their seats! 

Thank you for choosing the Thunderbird. Happy reading!

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Emily Sobel