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An Open Letter to Incoming Freshmen: 8 Ways to Successfully Adapt to High School

By Jolie Freedman

Adapting to a new atmosphere, especially that of a large High School, can be a big adjustment for anyone. Moving from Middle School to High School is a big transition, but it can easily be a good process. If you follow these eight tips, your next four years at High School East will be an amazing journey!

Finding Your Way: Our school may seem really big at first, and you may feel lost. Remember when you thought the middle school was big and you would never find your way? Well, now you can probably easily navigate your way through West Hollow. It’s the same here, just bigger. You will notice that although there are a lot of staircases and hallways to choose from, a lot of them lead to the same places, and finding your way around is just something you will get used to in no time.

Asking For Help: Don’t be afraid to go to the guidance office if you need anything. Your guidance counselors are here to support you with any decision making and problems you encounter throughout your journey in High School.

Playing To Your Talents: If you are into any sports, try out for the teams! Sports are an amazing and fun way to get involved in our school, show school spirit, and make new friends.

Exploring Your Interests: Join any clubs you are interested in. Clubs will help you meet new people and become an active member of the school’s community. At our school, there are so many clubs to choose from that you are bound to find something you like.

Managing Your Time: At High School, there is definitely a much larger work load. It is important to make sure you are always managing your time well so you don’t fall behind in any of your classes. Find a work method that is best for you. Try to be proactive instead of reactive and get your work done as early as possible because it is much easier and less stressful than to try and catch up.

Giving Back: I would definitely recommend getting into community service and volunteer programs. There are clubs in the school to help you get involved in these initiatives. Community service goes a long way in the school and community and will enhance your overall experience.

Planning Your Schedule: Take elective classes that will help you in the future. Don’t just take what your friends are doing. If you have any certain likes or interests, electives are a great way to expand your knowledge and give you a break during the day to take a class you are interested in, not just one you are required to take.

Keeping Your Cool: Don’t panic! Although the school seems different from West Hollow, it’s really just a new environment for you and will just take some getting used to. I can assure you that with these guidelines you will have a great experience at High School East.

Good luck and welcome to the Thunderbird family!


Photo courtesy of HSE media library