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Calling all TBirds: FOLLOW @hseseniors2021 on Instagram!

By: Leah Sycoff

In a longstanding tradition, The Thunderbird Newspaper has always featured the graduating class in their last issue of each school year. While a lot may be different for this year’s graduating class, this tradition will go on! In order to facilitate this in the more current online format of, well, everything, Co-Editors-In-Chief, Leah Sycoff and Jesse Boxenhorn, created an Instagram account to spread the word about post-graduation plans for the HSE class of 2021. In addition to post-graduation plans, each student will also include his or her intended major and a baby or childhood picture! Don’t miss out on the fun!! Everyone should follow @hseseniors2021 on Instagram! 

Please note: if you are a senior, and you have committed to college, DM the account with your college, intended major, and a baby or childhood picture you’d like us to include. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Leah or Jesse! Let’s work together to make this unique senior year the very best that it can be! 


Photos courtesy of Pinterest and hseseniors2021 on Instagram.