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The Class of 2020 has a Night to Remember

By: Sloane Levine

As the notoriously stressful year for Juniors is coming to a close, the Class of 2020 enjoyed their greatly anticipated night out on Friday, May 17th. The Junior Outing is the night where the Junior class gets to dress up and be pampered for a fun and eventful evening together. This is also the time where these students came to a realization that the tough year is almost over, the long-awaited summer is around the corner, and Senior year is soon to come.

The Junior Outing was certainly a night the Class of 2020 will never forget. Everyone was dressed to the nines and adorned with gorgeous flower corsages and boutonnieres for a spectacular evening as a unified class. The students gathered at the school to get on the organized school busses to the Commack Hamlet Country Club at 5:00 PM. Upon arrival, we entered the lively and spacious venue, filled with music from the DJ, eager to dance the night away. The emcee, coupled with the old and new hits that were played throughout the night, got the energy flowing in the room, and the students up and out of their seats. Aside from all of the dancing that took place during the night, the photo booth gave students a fun way to savor our special night, taking a lot of fun pictures to keep as a souvenir. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a picture… it will last longer. The photo booth had fun props for the students to take cute or silly pictures by a photographer. Everyone in the room made so many memories to look back on from our eventful night spent together.

Once the students’ feet began to hurt and their stomachs started growling, everyone took a break from all of the fun to eat some of our favorite foods. Each table waited anxiously to be called up to get food from the large buffet. The buffet station was filled with delicious food that included chicken parmesan, macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, french fries, different pastas, and salad. Soon, the students were refueled and ready to get back onto the dance floor. A little while later, dessert was displayed. There was an array of toppings to create the perfect ice cream sundae such as M&M’s, sprinkles, and Oreos. The students enjoyed their sweet ice cream sundae and cookie dough treats. What better way to “top off” an incredible night?

As the night came to a close, we got back on the busses around 9:00 pm to head back to the school. Nights like these, where our class united to enjoy an eventful evening together, are the ones that we will never forget. The Class of 2020 would like to thank Mr. Nolan, the chaperones, and everyone who took the time and effort in creating such a special night for us. The preparation from the adults to plan this evening, as well as the students who put forth every effort to dress up, created memories we will forever cherish. Needless to say, the Junior Outing was definitely a night to remember for the Class of 2020.