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Decision Day Celebrates HSE Seniors

By: Brianna Kalina

On Friday, April 30th, High School Easted hosted their own 2021 Decision Day to celebrate the Seniors committing to universities, the military, trade schools, and the workplace! Although this special day is nationally known to be May 1st, due to it falling on a Saturday, HSE wanted to host their own special in-school celebration. This gave the seniors the chance to show off their accomplishments! 

After working hard for 4 consecutive years, finally committing to a college or deciding what path to take in life is a tremendous deal. The hallways were flooded with different colored spirit gear and tons of smiles (underneath the masks of course). Students were decked from head to toe in their college apparel and had their cameras ready for this monumental day of their high school career. Balloons were set up with mini props for student photo ops! Another cool activity consisted of students creating mini school pennants that were then put on a large display in the main lobby. Along with small snacks and giveaways, the main lobby was bustling with a new and exciting energy. 

High School East wanted to show its full support of and acknowledgment towards the success of its students in the class of 2021. Underclassmen wished congrats and showed support to the soon-to-be graduates. This day signaled the beginning of the end for the class of 2021, and HSE couldn’t have been happier to celebrate their light at the end of this crazy tunnel!

Photo courtesy of Allyson Uttendorfer