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Half Hollow Hills’ Newest AP: AP Capstone

By: Jesse Boxenhorn

Half Hollow Hills is an amazing district filled with many clubs, sports, and classes to take part in. Starting this year, HHH introduced a new class called AP Capstone. This course is a two-year class in which students learn to conduct research and write informative papers. If a student completes both years of this course, he or she will receive an AP Capstone Diploma at graduation. This is a major accomplishment that is very rare for students in the United States as this is a fairly new program.

Throughout this course, students partake in both independent and group work. Students gain skills such as collaboration, perseverance, trust, and determination. This class’s intentions are to better prepare students for college essay writing and the type of work that will be required of them once they head off to college.

As a student in the first year of this class, I would highly recommend taking it. Among other things that this class has offered me, I have improved so much as a writer. At times, the class may seem challenging and can be very stressful, but the reassuring and encouraging teachers and students are always there to offer their support. So, for those of you who may find yourself interested in this unique type of AP course, best of luck and enjoy the incredible journey.