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High School East’s Secret Gem- The Makerspace

By: Alix Berman and Maddie Gidseg 

The Makerspace in Half Hollow Hills High School East is the district’s secret gem. This thrilling room is suffused with high tech machinery and tons of unique projects. Because of its off the beaten path location, not many students are aware of the advantages that the Makerspace can have on their education. As we are one quarter of the way into the school year, it seems as if more classes are getting down to the Makerspace to see what it has to offer for their respective areas of study. Mrs. Kaplan, the head of the Makerspace, shared that “science classes have utilized the green screen by making weather reports. When using the applications to construct a project of  this type, it could really improve math skills as well.” The Makerspace is also extremely beneficial to all students regardless of their strengths. When asking Mrs. Kaplan about the ways in which the Makerspace allows students to explore their creativity, her immediate response was “Look at this place, I get to play everyday and help students design things.” It’s safe to say that the potential for creative pursuits is endless at HSE’s Makerspace!

Mrs. Kaplan also share that only about twenty students per day stop by the maker space, which isn’t nearly enough in school of this size. The room is open until 3pm almost every day of the week, and there truly is something there for everyone and every creative interest. For example, Mrs. Kaplan has constructed a replica of the local fire department’s logo and an American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance written on it made solely out of wood using technology available in the Makerspace. With the help of high tech lasers and an abundance of wood cutting or engraving machines, the possibilities are infinite. High School East’s Makerspace is a fantastic way to get creative, and by exploring its benefits, students can experience the astonishing, unique opportunities that it offers.

Photo Courtesy of Amy Kaplan