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Hills East Celebrates Black History Month

By: Ellina Koo

This past month, Hills East had gathered everyone to come and celebrate Black History Month. For those that don’t know, Black History Month is an annual ceremony that has originated in the US, which is also known as African American History Month. Every February, the entire community unites to honor achievements made by African Americans and a time for recognizing their essential roles throughout history. So with this said, on the month of February, the students, and faculty have decided to take part by honoring Mrs. Trotter, who was one of our school’s assistant principals. Displayed in a showcase on the entrance of the school, had been decorated with a “Black History Month” flag and multiple visuals of Mrs. Trotter herself. In addition to this creative idea, the Science National Honor Society celebrated Black History Month by creating a Periodic Table of the many different well-known Black leaders that have existed throughout the past generations. Each element highlighted a person who made an outstanding contribution to their field whether it was science, politics, literature, etc. QR codes were also on the wall for anyone walking past the hallways that were interested in learning about each individual’s accomplishments displayed. Students in Hills East not only got the chance to celebrate this month, but many were able to learn about what the Black History Month was itself.