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HSE Celebrates Art Day 2020

By: Brooke Gronich

On January 10th, the entire school was able to gain a little insight into how talented the art students are at HSE! The annual art day is an event organized by all of the teachers in the art department. Photography teacher, Mrs. Uttendorfer, describes the day as an “opportunity to highlight the art elective and student artists.” Each teacher in the department selects a handful of students to represent their course and to showcase some of their work. Throughout the day, beautiful displays of artwork are presented outside of the west gym. There were also students live in action showing off their skills. Here at HSE, we are lucky to have such a wide array of art classes, including photography, drawing and painting, fashion, media arts, etc. With that said, art students are able to find the perfect fit for them and master that specific area throughout their four years at HSE. For all of the hard work put into making this department as amazing as it is, having a day like January 10th to celebrate it is beyond necessary.

In addition to the showcase, a special event is set up for the Studio in Art students at West Hollow Middle School. Art day gives these students something to look forward to for their upcoming years at HSE by offering them a sneak-peek into every art class at HSE. They are guided on a tour, led by the National Art Honor Society board, throughout the art wing. In each class, student artists inform the 8th graders what they can expect for next year regarding that particular art class. Once again, art day was a fun, interactive, and impressive event that seems to get even better each year!

Photos courtesy of Allyson Uttendorfer