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HSE is No Place For Hate

By: Brianna Kalina

While the school year is coming to an end, a new piece of art has graced the halls of HSE. This homage to No Place for Hate will last forever. No Place for Hate is a student-led school climate improvement program that strives to create a positive learning environment for all students.

Each year, Half Hollow Hills partners with this organization in order to unify the community around shared goals and enable all voices to be heard. What is so amazing about this movement is its ability to tailor to the desires and needs of all schools; the activities that pledge the school’s commitment to fight bullying and hate can come in various forms. Due to this, HSE was able to create an amazing mural to spread No Place for Hate’s important message. This unique idea came from HSE senior, Kaitlyn Jedreicich. She approached the talented National Art Honor Society Advisor, Mrs. Uttendorfer, who was able to turn Kaitlyn’s vision into a reality. 

Photo courtesy of Allyson Uttendorfer

The mural, plastered across the wall in one of HSE’s central hallways, consists of a series of multi-colored male and female profiles connected to create a unified design that symbolizes solidarity. Each color of the rainbow is present, adding to the warm and vibrant atmosphere that HHH aims to create for all students. The mural’s profound purpose is one of many steps that HHH is willing to take to make our school community a place without hate of any kind. The mural will also be accompanied by school banners, provided by the No Place For Hate organization,to hang on the wall parallel to the mural. There are plans to continue growing the mural to include photographs and drawings that celebrate the unity, love, and hope being instilled in the HHH community. 

This mural will act as a constant reminder to students that the HSE community is inclusive, safe, and open for all to use their authentic voices. Mrs.Uttendorfer hopes this mural will raise awareness of this crucial topic and enable students to feel understood and accepted by teachers and classmates. This permanent mark on the school will guide the future of the HSE to reach the most ideal school environment, an environment where there truly is No Place for Hate.

Featured photo courtesy of Samantha Rosenberg.