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HSE Student Government Hosts the Elections of the Year

By Jolie Freedman & Mackenzie Gosset

Most people did not think any election could have been more competitive than Trump vs. Hillary; however, High School East’s 2017-2018 Student Government Elections certainly proved them wrong as this past election was one of the closet elections High School East has ever seen. All the contenders who ran for positions were not only well qualified for these positions, but they were also all extremely unique, intelligent, and dedicated individuals. They all want to make a difference in their school and community, bring about positive reform, and express their beliefs and ideas that they wish to advocate for next year while in office. While many of the students who ran were already immensely involved in Student Government and have held leadership positions in the past, the student body was thrilled to see some new faces becoming involved. In efforts to campaign, most of the students running for a position hung up decorative posters around the building in order to encourage their classmates to vote for them as they were each hungry for a win. Especially this particular year, students were in complete awe as they watched the speeches for all of the nominees since all the nominees were able to effectively voice their opinions on school issues and how they could go about fixing them. Everyone did an incredible job at presenting their ideas for the future of High School East. Picking just one candidate for each position was very difficult. After intensive consideration about each nominee’s views and key points, all HSE students had the opportunity to vote. This election actually had more people voting than in any of the several previous years. The results finally rolled in, and below is a list of all  winners for the 2017-2018 Student Government positions. Congratulations to all of the new officers!


Chairperson: Olivia Ethe

Vice Chairperson: Faith Quashie

Senior Class President: Ariana Malik

Senior Class Vice President: Lauren Fogel

Senior Class Secretary: Juliette Milber

Senior Class Treasurer: Aidan Mallon

Junior Class President: Sophia Clark

Junior Class Vice President: Nicole Murawski

Junior Class Secretary: Nabhia Qurshi

Junior Class Treasurer: Ben Keschner

Sophomore Class President: Max Schops

Sophomore Class Vice President: Sloane Levine

Sophomore Class Secretary: Sarah Abrams

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Lanie Kappel


As active members in the HSE community through various clubs and school events, we hope the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Chairperson, and Vice Chairperson will live up to the student body’s expectations, partake in all student government and school spirit events throughout this upcoming year, and actively strive to make positive changes and differences in the school. In the past, those who held positions always were on their “A-game” and emphasized the importance of community involvement and enthusiasm for school oriented events. Hopefully, this upcoming year will be no different! Continue reading for some more information about the 2017-2018 Student Government and their post-election plans.


Treasurer of the Senior Class: Aidan Mallon

“My hope for Senior year is to foster an environment of student activism by maintaining an accessible student government open to input from all students. Senior year should go down in yearbooks as a year of fun, school spirit, and goodwill. I plan on continuing fundraising for all our class activities in order to bolster our $4,500 budget and see our year run as financially smooth as possible. Above all, I plan to make the Senior class’s last year together a memorable one!”


Secretary of the Senior Class: Juliette Milber

“It’s going to be a great year coming up, and thank you all so much for electing me. One of my main goals for next year is making competition night one of the best we’ve had in Thunderbird history.”


Senior Class Vice President: Lauren Fogel

“I’m very excited to serve as your senior class Vice President and your class VP for the seventh year in a row! I’m looking forward to ensuring we all have the best experience and make lasting memories.This is the year to leave a lasting impression on the school with our spirit and pride as Hills East Thunderbirds!”


Chairperson: Olivia Ethe

“I want show the rest of the school why being a member of student government is such an important aspect of your high school experience and explain the reasons why student government has so many members. I also want to make sure our seniors are remembered and that they have a senior year with no regrets whether it be selling out senior class shirts or getting the entire senior class to attend competition night!”