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HSE’s Annual Paint Night Goes Virtual

By: Maddy Schioppo

The High School East Art Club and National Art Honor Society have a long history of hosting paint nights to raise funds for scholarships and local charities. Previously, these paint nights were held in the library space in HSE. Some themes have been related to seasons or holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and the winter season. Unfortunately, the circumstances of the pandemic and the necessary safety precautions did not permit NAHS and Art Club to hold the pain night in person, but because they are always such a success and so fun, it was decided to be held virtually via Zoom. 

This year, Art Club and NAHS wanted to assemble a paint night around the theme of Halloween and the fall season. The painting participants would follow directions for a classic teal pumpkin, which stands for having non-food treats available for children trick-or-treating with allergies. This simple act promotes the inclusion of children who usually miss out on the traditional Halloween candy trick-or-treating. This year, there were organized take-home kits that included paint, brushes, and a canvas that students, parents, and teachers could pick up to participate in the virtual paint night. Because everyone could paint from the comfort of their own home, there was a large turnout, with over 40 people who participated. This painting project appealed to a broader audience, not just art students because it was step by step and easy to follow. As a result, most people had a successful outcome. 

People of all ages attended, including teachers, students, parents, and siblings. Art students that don’t focus on painting were also able to experience a different form of art. This paint night was super successful, despite the new precautions that had to be taken and the new setting. Art Club and NAHS raised a lot of money for scholarships and local charities, and everyone had a great time!