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An Inside Look into National Art Honor Society

By Jolie Freedman

The students of High School East are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore their creative sides and express themselves visually throughout the remarkable art programs offered. The extensive variety of art courses and clubs provided here at HSE is one of the most amazing parts of our school. National Art Honor Society, more commonly known as NAHS, enables students to enhance their artistic experiences. Out of all of the honor societies in our school, NAHS has the most members nationally by far. National Art Honor Society is such a popular organization in our school because it is a nationwide program that recognizes kids for their skills in varying art programs. As a member of NAHS, I enjoy getting involved in such a welcoming, fun program. Our school’s art honor society is run by Mrs. Uttendorfer and Mrs. Nelkin.14516397_909695629136500_4687825052177645312_n

Every year NAHS selects a theme in order to inspire its members throughout the year. This theme eventually develops into pieces created for an annual auction. After discussing the preview to the NAHS theme for this year, Mrs Uttendorfer stated that, “ This year’s theme is ‘a la cARTe’, as in celebrating the wonderful, creative, and diverse foods that we all enjoy during family celebrations and special occasions. To coincide with this theme, we are researching creating either a cookbook or an adult coloring book as a fundraiser. The auction will be held on April 26th and 27th and gives everyone in the building a chance to buy an original work from one of the 180 NAHS members. This is the 11th year of our NAHS chapter, and we are still growing each year.”

Mrs. Uttendorfer, her dedicated board members, and everyone involved in NAHS are eager to make this year the best one yet! National Art Honor Society encompasses community service opportunities related to art and other school-wide events. Throughout the year, NAHS works diligently to construct different gallery themes. This year, the first gallery theme is #MySchoolGoals. Members will be creating different pieces of artwork relating to their goals and aspirations for the 2016-2017 school year. Soon, a masterpiece will be created, displaying everyone’s beautiful artwork. One of NAHS’s gallery curators, Lexie Reiffman, says “My goal for this year’s galleries in NAHS is to boost involvement in the gallery-making process. This year we will be putting the gallery displays all around school instead of just one place so everyone can see the artwork.”

Other upcoming events for NAHS include a fundraiser at Moe’s and a fundraiser at Mixology. The club is also in the process of organizing a Soul Cycle ride! A big event that NAHS loves to get involved with is Safe Halloween, where members of Art Honor Society work diligently together to create and construct the infamous HSE Haunted House in the Lecture Hall. Overall, everyone involved in National Art Honor Society is looking forward to a year filled with involvement, creativity, and fun.