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Retiring Teachers say Goodbye to Hills East

By Alexa Grill

High School East would never be able to fulfill its motto of “Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence” without amazing faculty members. We are fortunate enough to have such a great staff that makes saying goodbye so hard. This year’s retiring staff members are Librarian Donna Miceli, Special Education teachers Jean Dougherty and Roberta Dormani, Math teacher Nannette Armenti, and Psychologist Leslee Nickel.

As much as these people have impacted High School East, High School East has impacted them. Mrs. Dormani says that she is thrilled to end her 40 year teaching career at High School East, a place where instructing students has been so rewarding. She wants to thank Dr. Woodberry, Mr. Kindlemann, Mr. Pugliese, Mr. Rendon, and Ms. Trotter, and all of the other compassionate teachers who give “150%” for being extremely supportive throughout her journey here at High School East.

Mrs. Miceli said that she has “seasonal” memories of her time at High School East.  In the fall, she enjoys watching the excitement of the incoming freshman working their way through the halls to find their classrooms. In the winter, it is the anticipation of a possible snow day, early dismissal, and holiday plans.  The spring brings the stress of testing and college admissions, and before you know it, it’s June with summer plans and graduations.  Her advice: “As you navigate through high school, be true to yourself!!  Work hard but don’t forget to have fun and KEEP READING!!!”

Mrs. Dougherty has recognized her four years at High School East out of her almost thirty years in the district as the highlight of her career. She appreciates the hard work, passion, and talent that she has found within the students, teachers, and administrators each and every day. A meaningful lesson that Mrs. Dougherty has taken from her time at High School East is that when you treat people with respect, the respect is returned. She enjoyed every single day that she worked here and will truly miss coming to this “warm, welcoming place of learning.”

As a High School East graduate herself, Mrs. Armenti has cherished her past three years at High School East out of her eighteen years in the district very much. She said, “As I walked the path of my career, I would never have dreamed that the place that created a desire to pursue a career in teaching is the place that I am able to retire from.” Mrs. Armenti learned throughout her journey and would like to share with students that some of your biggest challenges become your greatest successes. She would like to thank the supportive and collaborative staff that she had the pleasure of working with for the past years for making her teaching experience so enjoyable.

Thank you Ms. Miceli, Ms. Dougherty, Ms. Dormani, Ms. Armenti, and Ms. Nickel for all of the passion that you have shown and the effort that you have put in throughout your years here at High School East. On behalf of the Thunderbird, I would like to wish you all good luck in your future endeavors. Just remember: you will always have a home at High School East, and you will always be a part of the Thunderbird family!