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Congratulations to the Undefeated Girls JV Tennis Team

By Skylar Gronich

The 2016 Girls Junior Varsity Tennis team is undefeated. Despite challenges, such as practices and home games being held at Arboretum Park or the Hamlet Country Club due to the renovation of the tennis courts at HSE, the team completed the season with an astonishing record of 11-0. All of the girls showed so much dedication which played a major role in this victorious season. Coach Bob guided the team with helpful tips and stressed the importance of sportsmanship. The team’s record exemplifies their commitment to excellence at each and every practice and match. A huge thanks to the team’s amazing captains: Alexa London, Isabella Bordwin, Jenna Weinreb, Jolie Greenbaum, and Samantha Goldstein. Their accomplishments in leading the team with enthusiasm and being role models to all of the other girls are very much appreciated, and this season would not have been possible without their dedication.

Along with the hard fought matches, the team will always remember all of the good times had on the bus and courts. All of the team members got the chance to experience what it is like working with others and being involved in a school sport. They now know that tennis is more than just playing and improving skills; it is about developing lifelong friendships too. For the first time ever, the Girls JV Tennis team had a manager, I am proud to say that position was filled by me! Being manager was a great opportunity. Part of my responsibility was maintaining the score book and attending the games. This was a great experience, and I really enjoyed being part of the team. Everyone on the team should be so proud of how well they did and what they accomplished to add to another great JV Girls tennis season!