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By: Luke Gottlieb

In the eyes of many people, the AL MVP race has a unanimous winner. This race is a lot closer than it should be in many people’s eyes. The top two finalize our Shohei Ohtani and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Throughout most of the year Shohei Ohtani has led the MLB in home runs. He is currently sitting at 44 home runs with 16 games to go. He has put up a .950 OPS season and has been a bright spot in that Angels lineup. The hype surrounding this player is absurd and deserves a lot of credit. We haven’t even talked about his pitching yet. He is a true two-way player being elite from both sides of the field. He has put up a 3.36 ERA in 115 innings pitched. These are the numbers of a very good starting pitcher although over his last couple of starts his era has risen. And the one knock that will prevent Shohei from getting his MVP trophy is the fact that the Angels are not a good team this year. The meaning of the MVP trophy should also mean that your team succeeds in the season. Now we bring ourselves to a second MVP candidate Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He has single-handedly put up one of the best seasons ever. These numbers are absurd; he leads the league with 46 home runs, leads the league with a .318 batting average, and is third with 104 RBIs. Now, these numbers are absurd in their own right but if he wins the Triple Crown I think he should win the MVP. If you take a look at the success of the Blue Jays it all revolves around this one player. The Blue Jays lineup is stacked from top to bottom but Vladimir is the X factor. Now that the Blue Jays are fighting for a wild-card spot, if the MVP trophy truly means most valuable player you must give it to the player who has been a workhorse for his team all year. Now, none of this is a diss on Shohei Ohtani because he has been the best player in the MLB all year and he is the best player. But if we look at what the trophy really means Vladimer Guerrero should be the 2021 AL MVP.