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Be the Good in the World

By: Alix Berman

The world is full of negativity, war, and disease. It is full of rage, anger, and hate, but it is also filled with love, kindness, and gratitude. People all over the world tend to dwell on the negatives while forgetting that there are so many positives. What many do not realize is that one small act of kindness could change somebody’s life. 

89-year old Derlin Newey started delivering pizzas for Papa John’s once he could no longer afford to pay his bills alone. His regular customers grew to love him, specifically the TikTok famous Valdez family. Their videos started to blow up when they recorded Newey every time he delivered their pizzas. It didn’t take long for the TikTok universe to fall in love with Derlin’s positive persona, and what happened next was an act of true kindness. The Valdez family reached out to their followers to see if people would make donations to help Newey, and the family ended up raising over $12K to help this man. Speechless and on the verge of tears, he was handed a check signed by his “TikTok Family”. Derlin Newey’s life is now forever changed due to people inspired by his strength, kindness, and positive attitude. 

Derlin’s life was not the only life changed by an act of kindness.  22-year-old biology student Eleftheria Tosiou fantasized about climbing Mount Olympus but knew that it was never achievable because of her disability. This was until she befriended long-distance runner Marios Giannakou. Giannakou knew of Eleftheria’s dream and wanted to make it a reality. With a very secure harness and an eight-member support team, they began the fatiguing summit. In complete awe and satisfaction, Marios posted an Instagram picture with the caption, “There is nothing more real than the dream.” Greek mythology is filled with stories about heroes, but it is very fulfilling to know that they do exist, and one of their names is Marios Giannakou.

The Valdez family, Derlin Newey, Eleftheria Tosiou, and Marios Giannakou are four completely different people who were all affected by the same thing: kindness. It is so easy for a person to get caught up in the hate and negativity surrounding the world, especially during this unprecedented time period. Moreover, although it is difficult, everybody should try to remember that life is so much better when you are looking on the bright side. Instead of being the pessimist that fills their life with rage, anger, and hate, be the optimist who is fulfilled by love, kindness, and gratitude.

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