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The Wrath of Ida

By Brooke Pitcoff

On the eve of the 16th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans prepared for another catastrophe, Hurricane Ida. Residents of New Orleans and surrounding regions were urged to evacuate their homes. Fearing the worst, many stores and supermarkets in Louisiana were wiped clean, colleges in the area were evacuated, and the residents of Louisiana braced for a storm.

Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 storm when it made landfall in Louisiana, with winds up to 150 miles per hour. However, it was downgraded as it made its way inland. This category 4 storm had many negative effects on the residents of New Orleans and its surrounding areas. First, many roads were flooded in Louisiana. This is very dangerous because people can not travel in emergencies. Up to one million residents there lost power and many houses were also flooded. Emergency services in New Orleans were shut down, meaning police, firemen, and other emergency personnel were unable to reach the residents of the city. Many colleges who did not evacuate all students, such as Tulane University, found it difficult to evacuate students during and after the storm. Many buildings were also destroyed in the state of Louisiana.

As hurricanes head inland, they lose power and eventually die down. However, in the case of Ida, negative effects were still ongoing after the storm struck Louisiana. As the storm headed for the tristate area, residents had little concern. However, Ida was still destructive. Heavy rain hit the northeastern coastal states and a tornado warning was issued in parts of New York and New Jersey. Major floods occurred in the region, causing many houses and buildings to become damaged. This storm left over 20 dead in the area. 

Hurricane Ida proved to be very destructive and deadly. It is important to listen to all emergency and evacuation warnings from the state and to find adequate shelter during hurricanes. As hurricanes become more and more common because of global warming, we must always expect the worst and be prepared for it.