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The Feng Shui of Quarantine

By: Leah Sycoff

Right now, it is critical to appreciate the normal things. Everyone’s actuality is their own perception, so try to cherish what you do have negligent of where you are on the spectrum of the COVID-19 disaster. Although time is stuck in honey with no progress towards the better or worse of humanity, we must make the best possible situation out of what we can. This difficult situation exists to be different than what we are used to, but that does not always have to be unpleasant. Take this time to breathe because it is now time to look back on yourself; we have the opportunity for self-reflection – to look into those little ideas in the back of our heads that we never get to delve into during our busy lives. After all of the hard work you have done, it is time to repay your efforts; you owe it to your hard work. 

Try to ignore the mindset of not being able to leave your house; instead, embrace what you have and distress what you can during this heart-wrenching time. Put time into taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Instead of putting things off to do later, like you would normally do, now you have time to do them. It is in our hearts and hands to control how we take charge in this arduous time. It is your time to thrive. If we take the time to unite in saving the world, of course figuratively as social distancing is crucial currently, and aid each other’s efforts as a global community we can cooperate in our endeavors and beat the virus. Remember, social distancing does not mean we can not talk to our friends; it just means we have to talk to them in a different way than what might be normal to you, or maybe not. In this time of technological achievements, it is easier than ever to stay connected with our friends. Be virtually active! Yes, social distancing is not the best, but you probably would not normally go on a walk with your family and dogs. This isolationism from others can reteach you the basic elements of life that could make you happy. If you are anything like my family, these elements have been lacking from your lives for years while we are caught up in our crazy storms of busyness and work. We are entangled in the quick-paced world and have so much on our plates, but now everything has slowed, and we do not know how to react. 

This is why I am here to share with you the Feng Shui that will keep your life in order while allowing you time to relax and hopefully enjoy some of this free time. So, to start, how do we get this sadness and depression out of our minds? This is the most difficult. I would recommend finding new hobbies to do at home. Personally, I think an occasional pampering day is important during a time like this. Forget your work for one day if you can. A relaxing, but structured, pampering day could be something so simple and so motivating at the same time. Make your bed as soon as you wake up. Then go to the bathroom, get ready, and get dressed. I would then say to start the day off with a large glass of cold water, adding some strawberries, basil, or lemon to make it more delicious and rejuvenating. While drinking, start to make some breakfast. Some healthy and splendiferous options would be oatmeal or chia pudding with some fresh berries or avocado toast with a crispy and gooey sunny-side egg on top. In addition to that, I would recommend a nice coffee or tea. As far as coffee options, cappuccinos are a must, and for tea… green always makes me happy. If you would like to try something new, consider a matcha latte or a golden (turmeric) latte, iced or not. When you are done preparing your breakfast, eat it outside or cuddle up inside next to a window with a book or a magazine. After that, play with your pets and hang out with your family. Maybe take a family walk or do some yoga and meditate. When it is time for lunch make something light, but satiating, like a kale salad or a new soup recipe. Enjoy that with a nice glass of iced tea. When finished, make sure to clean up – a clean house is a clean mind. Now comes the spa portion of the day. Light a candle and take a bath, then put on a face mask, and watch some lighthearted television or a movie if you would like to include a little technology on your day. 

Spend time thinking about how you can improve your quality of life during this time of despair. Talk to your family and friends, and stay active in your social life. Facetime loved ones that may not live with you and make sure they are doing alright. Anytime in the middle of lunch and dinner is a great time to have another cup of tea and make a snack. When it comes time for dinner, research some new recipes or create something of your own for your family. Maybe have your whole family cook with you; it could be a lot of fun. If you are craving something, have it! Remember, it is your time to do whatever you need to remain calm and forget the stress. Although it may seem stressful, it is important to watch the Coronavirus Task Force as much as possible. If you would like to skip it for one day that is okay, but it is extremely important to get updated on the news every day or almost every day. Play a board game with your family, make a yummy dessert, and watch a movie. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day; try some healthy and exhilarating challenges, such as drinking a gallon of water or running every day. Remember, you have the ability to change how you view this situation and take action. Stay in contact with your friends and family and appreciate what you have.

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