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Emily Sobel: Emily is currently a senior at High School East and has been writing for the Thunderbird since her freshman year. Prior to her role as the Editor in Chief, she was the editor of the STEM section and the founder/editor of the business section. While Emily loves to write about all topics, she specifically enjoys writing about the intersection of business and technology. Emily is also the President of XX Coders and Senior Advisor of DECA. Outside of school, Emily loves teaching a coding class for students with special needs. Emily is excited to get started in her new position and experience an awesome year with the Thunderbird.

Print/Layout Editor

Leah Sycoff: Leah is currently a junior at High School East, and this is her second year taking part in the school newspaper. Leah’s absolute favorite types of articles to write are restaurant reviews because she loves creating and trying new flavors. She will write about anything, though, because writing captivates her. Outside of The Thunderbird, Leah is also the Secretary of the Key Club, in the National Italian Honor Society, and in Art Club. Leah also dances several days a week and is a junior firefighter. Her passions outside of the already stated are cooking, baking (she has a small business), and traveling. Leah is beyond excited to be the Print/Layout Editor this year and can’t wait for the great year that The Thunderbird will have!

Online Editor

Brooke Gronich: Brooke is currently a senior at High School East and has been a part of the Thunderbird Newspaper since her freshman year. Last year, she was the School News Editor, and she is currently the Online Edition Editor. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, as well as spending time on her hobby of photography. Brooke is also the President of HSE’s Business Honor Society and an active member in FBLA and DECA. She is extremely excited for another great year at HSE and wishes everyone success!

Social Media Editor

Jesse Boxenhorn: Jesse is currently a junior at High School East and has been a member of the newspaper club since sophomore year. Jesse enjoys writing about many different topics and is always up for a challenge. Outside of The Thunderbird, Jesse is also a Dixette, a competitive dancer, a class delegate for Student Government, a member of the Spanish and Art Honor Societies, and on the board of Jewish Heritage Club. During her free time, Jesse enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, and listening to music. Jesse can’t wait to be The Thunderbird’s very first Social Media Editor and is looking forward to a great year!

Photography Editor

Alexa Jones: Currently, Alexa is a senior at High School East. She has been an active member of the school newspaper since she was a freshman. This year, she is excited to continue in her role as The Thunderbird’s Photo Editor! Alexa loves to capture moments for the school newspaper through a lens. She also participates in Spanish Club, National Honor Society, and is the Vice President of SADD and a board member for the AIDS club. In her downtime, she spends time with family and friends and volunteers in multiple organizations that involve advocating for and engaging with atypical children. Alexa is looking forward to another great year at East! 

School News Editor

Julia Garelick: Julia Garelick is a current sophomore at High School East who has written several articles for the Thunderbird before becoming the School News Editor for the 2019-20 school year. After being the Treasurer of her freshman class and having been nominated again, she is knowledgeable about upcoming events occurring within the school. In addition to the newspaper, Julia enjoys dancing competitively and spends her time with the Hills East Dixette Kickline Team. She is also an active member of DECA, Art Club, and XX coders. Julia is looking forward to a great school year and excited to see what this year will bring!

World News/Op. Ed Editor

Brianna Kalina: Brianna is a sophomore at High School East and has been writing for the Thunderbird since her first year of high school. She is proud to be taking on the role of the World News Editor, especially since she is extremely interested in current events globally and locally. Along with her experience with leadership roles like freshman Vice President, Brianna participates in numerous clubs such as XX Coders and Art Club. When she is not dancing on the HSE Kickline team or volunteering, in her free time she loves to learn about current politics and form opinions of her own. Brianna really enjoys writing for The Thunderbird and is more than excited to see what this year will bring!

Entertainment/Lifestyle Editors

Hayden Fishbein: Hayden is currently a senior at High School East, and it’s now her third year in the newspaper club. Before being promoted to Entertainment and Lifestyles Editor, she loved to write about the media aspect of society. She was always up to date on celebrity drama and new advances of all media. Outside of The Thunderbird, Hayden is also on the board of Peer Aids Educators and participates in the National Art Honor Society along with the National Honor Society. In her free time, Hayden loves to spend time with friends and family. She is looking forward to an amazing school year!

Sloane Levine: Sloane is currently a senior at High School East. She is excited to be taking on the role as an Entertainment and Lifestyle editor for the 2019-2020 school year. She has expressed her passion for writing through the Newspaper Club, writing articles for The Thunderbird as a staff writer since her sophomore year of high school and editing articles as the School News Editor last year. Sloane has a strong interest in this section of the newspaper, as she has always surrounded herself with different forms of arts and entertainment from a young age. In addition to The Thunderbird, she has been an active member of Student Government and Peer AIDS Educators Club, holding executive board positions in both clubs. She is also a member of the National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Art Club. Outside of school, Sloane participates in volunteer organizations, holding leadership roles on the Sunrise STEAM Shack Junior Fundraising Committee and our local chapter of The Friendship Circle. Sloane is looking forward to providing an interesting and exciting source of entertainment and lifestyle news and having another great school year!

STEM/Technology Editor

Madison Schioppo: Maddy is currently a sophomore at High School East. She is excited to take on the role as the STEM/Technology editor for The Thunderbird during the 2019-2020 school year. Maddy has been a devoted member of The Thunderbird since Freshman year and is excited about this upcoming year. She has also participated in other clubs, such as Key Club, DECA, and Art Club, and is a member of the golf team. Outside of school, Maddy dances and student teaches dance classes for younger kids. Maddy is looking forward to her role as the STEM editor and cannot wait to see what this school year brings!

Professional/School Sports Editor

Jack Gottlieb: Jack is currently a senior at High School East and has been involved with the Thunderbird since his sophomore year. This is his first time serving as an editor. Jack is also a member of FBLA and DECA. He also plays on the varsity baseball team. Jack is looking forward to another exciting year at East!

Advisors: Mrs. Nicole Dalton and Mrs. Margaret Davis