Seven Stylish Statements To Make this Season

By: Jesse Boxenhorn 2020 has definitely been a rough year, but there is always time to revamp your look. Shopping at stores has been a struggle

Foods to Eat That Help Boost Your Immunity

By: Della Lin Not only is the coronavirus still a major part of our daily lives, but the cold and flu season is approaching fast as

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An Update of the Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

By: Maddy Schioppo As Covid-19 cases surge, especially in the United States, the world recently received promising news. Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech, announced that their

Let The States Fall Where They May

By: Rayanna Shwom On November 3rd, the long-awaited Presidential Election was held. Although there had already been an abundance of early voting and mail-in voting, many