Spinning Our Way To A Better World

By: Kayla Menkes SoulCycle, FlyWheel, and Peloton are just a few of the many cycling studios that have become very familiar to today’s society. Stationary bike riding,

Holiday Gifts for Everyone’s Wishlists

By: Spencer Levine With the holidays coming up, there are some great gadgets that you may want on your wishlist this year. From drones to smart

World News

President Trump, Kim Jong-un to Have Historical Meeting

By: Carson Leifer In the upcoming months, the world will anxiously watch as President Trump is set to meet with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un,

Scientific Community Mourns Stephen Hawking’s Death

By: Aditi Patil Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential physicists of the twentieth century and perhaps the most celebrated icon of contemporary science, has died