Festive Spots for Fall Fun

By: Brooke Gronich As another great summer comes to an end and we head back to school, there is much to look forward to. The leaves

FALLing Into Fall Fashion

By Sloane Levine: While we are all trying to enjoy the last few days of nice weather, wearing shorts, tank tops, and hopefully bathing suits, the

School News

A Warm Welcome Back From Dr. Strong

By: Emily Sobel While many students dread a questioning from the principal, I was given the opportunity to reverse the role and put Hills East’s spectacular

World News

College Admissions Scandal Continues to Make Headlines

By: Hayden Fishbein Recently, it was exposed that famous celebrities are using money to get their children into better colleges. Not only did Lori Loughlin do

Horrifying Amazon Fires

By: Brooke Gronich Over the past year, and more specifically the past month, there has been a record-breaking number of fires throughout Brazil and throughout our