Top 5 Activities to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

By: Della Lin Summer flew by way too quickly! Not only has the school year begun, but the fall season has arrived! Many people say fall

The New Craze: Crumbl Cookies

By: Madison Schioppo Crumbl Cookies has taken over the internet by storm with its mission to bring people together over an outstanding and unique box of

School News

A Warm Welcome From Dr. Strong

By: Alix Berman and Brianna Kalina After quite an abnormal year, coming back to school completely in person has been all around amazing to everyone in

World News

Modern Travels

By: Brooke Pitcoff In the beginning of this summer, the US enjoyed relatively easy travels. With lowering Covid rates, the United States was deemed a safe

The Wrath of Ida

By Brooke Pitcoff On the eve of the 16th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans prepared for another catastrophe, Hurricane Ida. Residents of New Orleans