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These awards are designated from among 16,000 entries from more than 20 Long Island High Schools.

Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards, 2016

Arts Review – Theater: 1st Place – Lauren Peller, “The Ten Dollar Founding Father Without a Father”


Arts Review – Live Performance: 1st Place – Rachel Penzer, “Carly Rae Jepsen: Gimme Love Tour”


Education – National Issues: 2nd Place – Gibran Boyce, “From ABCs to A2 + B2 + C2:   When Academic Pressure Comes to Kindergarten”


Food – Restaurant Review: 1st Place – Rachel Rosenstein, “Run to Roast: It’s a Rare Find”


Headline – News: 2nd Place – Lauren Peller, “Orange You Glad It’s Apple Season”


Headline – News: 3rd Place – Alexa Grill, “Go Green, Eat Clean!”


Opinion – General: 1st Place – Gibran Boyce, “Girls in STEM: When You Criticize Them, They Do Not Cry!”


Opinion – National: 1st Place – Gibran Boyce, “The Power of An Image: A Raft, A Boy, and The European Migrant Crisis”


Political – Local Feature: 1st Place – Andrew Yanover, “A Tale of Two Rallies”


Q&A School: 3rd Place – Lauren Peller, “Showcasing Thunderbird Talent: Art Day 2016”


Travel: 2nd Place – Rachel Rosenstein, “A Western Adventure”


Online – Arts & Entertainment: 3rd Place – Lauren Hochheiser, “Why Does Fashion Repeat Itself?”


Online – Arts & Entertainment: 2nd Place – Emily Disman, “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Mockingjay Part 2”


Online – Arts & Entertainment: 1st Place – Alexa Grill, “2016 Oscars Did Not Disappoint”


Online – Photo Series: 1st Place – Maryanne Mahoney, “A Journey Through the Arts: 2015-2016 Edition”


Online – Feature: 3rd Place – Lauren Peller, “Black is the New Brown”


Online – Editorial: 1st Place – Gibran Boyce, “Justice Antonin Scalia’s Death – A Fork in the Road for SCOTUS?”


Online – News: 3rd Place – Morgan Fishbein & Nicole Shanker, “How Secure is Too Secure? FBI Vs. Apple”


Online – News: 2nd Place – Anish Pisipati, “Gravitational Waves Exist!”


Online – News: 1st Place – Gibran Boyce, “We The People Constitution Team Places Second in State Finals”

Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards, 2015

 Editorial : 1st Place- Gibran Boyce, “Three HS Football Players”


Editorial Award – General : 2nd Place- Gibran Boyce, “From Tragedy to Triumph”


 Entertainment and Lifestyle : 3rd Place – Sakshi Sharma, “BMW i8”


 Food – Commentary : 3rd Place – Lauren Peller, “Egg-sploring New Cholesterol Findings”


 Opinion- Pop Culture: 1st Place – Collin Giulani, “Two Directions”


 Social Media Analysis – 1st Place- Sarah Scanlon, “Positives of Social Media”


 Sports –  National Award: 3rd Place-  Matt Schwartz, “Baltimore:Home of America’s Comeback Team”


Original Illustration: 1st Place- Emily Rosenberg, “2014 HSE Student Film Festival”