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Candy Grams are Back!

By: Nikki Frankel

The week before December break at Half Hollow High School East is always a hectic week but for the best reasons! Everyone in the building is eager for doors to open on December 23rd at 2:00pm so they could go spend the holidays with their family and friends. The school building is doing numerous things to prepare the students for the holidays and get them into the holiday spirit. More specifically, NAHS (National Art Honor Society) and Interact Club at High School East are executing their Annual Candy Gram sale. The candy grams sell for one dollar each and attract a ton of students! The process is simple: a student can buy a candy gram for a dollar, on the candy gram they write another student or teacher’s number, their Social Studies class period, and leave a little note. The week before December break, NAHS members will be delivering the candy grams along with a candy cane to numerous individuals in their Social Studies class. The money raised will go back into the Half Hollow Hills community by providing money to pay for two families in the district’s holiday gifts. Not only are the candy grams a fun and festive activity in the building but they are also a very rewarding and fulfilling activity.