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Junior Gala 

By: Nikki Frankel

Friday, April 28th was a big day for all of the Juniors at High School East: The Junior Prom. All juniors arrived dressed to the nines in either their favorite dress or suit. At 5:30 p.m., juniors showed up to High School East well-dressed and ready! 

For this important occasion, the event was held at the Hamlet Country Club in Commack. All of the students were transported to the location at 6 o’clock by buses provided by the school, which was very convenient for parents, students, and even chaperones.  Juniors enjoyed a buffet of food, which included chicken fingers, pasta, salad, guacamole and chips, among other things, while dancing to a live DJ. Juniors got to enjoy the presence of not only their best friends but also their entire grade throughout the about three-hour event. Dessert was the cherry on top. Students could mix and match their favorite ice cream flavors and toppings at an ice cream sundae bar as part of the desert. 

There was a photo booth at the venue that served as the focal point of many students’ night. With so many amusing signs to select from, students spent the entire night taking photos with their close friends or classmates. Now they will always have something to recall the evening by. Without the outstanding High School East faculty, who served as chaperones the entire evening, this event would not have been possible. All juniors left feeling really appreciative of their faculty and the amazing evening they organized for them.